Lucy in the sky
Lucy came to me from the sky accidentally.
She began playing suddenly on the window of a roof.
I was down with my camera.
A relation settled down between us...
I thought about Mimosa, the son of Popeye,
He is a baby, who spends time disappearing,
And what we find every time,
In a surrealist way, crawling on the roof!

Lucy has no face, just a silhouette.
She became a fictitious character.
She is the child who discovers a new world,
and what an imaginary danger reveal,
Alice in the wonderland …
Recently Lucy said to me;
" I want to go out of the computer to see the world "
I answered her; " you are a little bit young not? "
Lucy; " I soon have one and a half year! "
You know the kids …

Lucy; " I want to be printed! "
I; " anything wrong with the screen? "
Lucy; " I want you expose me! "
You know how are the teenagers …
Then I said; " OK! I have in mind an exhibition, it is for you!
But you have to be good! Puts your white dress and your golden shoes. "
Lucy freaks out a little, she does not know what to wear for the exhibition!
You know how are the girls...
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