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Paris, Va: Jul. '12

[Sony A700 ISO200 Tamron 28-300 Promaster mcUV filter, 105mm eff. ~F11 1/200s > dcraw > GIMP]


...on the other hand digital does have some clear advantages. It definitely seems to handle an expanse of bright sky better, which in combination with low grain and virtually no dust makes life very-easy in post-processing, as long as the photography is decent.


You still get that goddamed "plasticy" look, though. Often.


So let's have that old "film color vs digital color" debate again...

The colors are not off here, they are fairly accurate. Just flat and washed-out. Is the answer to boost contrast, to boost saturation, change the hue, the wb-temp, add some red-tint, what? Probably adding a little red-tint would help.


But the real problem is that "digital cameras" are both too precise and not accurate enough. The standard deviation is, like, zero, if the ISO is low enough. But the displayed frequency-components are just not right.


So we continue to shoot film until that is resolved to our satisfaction.

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Taken on August 5, 2012