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Life in the US: Home Depot | by touristguy87
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Life in the US: Home Depot

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...on how many levels is this wrong?


People can be such assholes, seriously.

And then get upset at anyone who says anything to them about it.


It's like they say to themselves, "I'm a fuckhead and I have a RIGHT to be a fuckhead and fuck you if you don't like it and *double*-fuck you if you give me any shit about it"


But seriously what kind of scum do you have to be to walk into a store, take a bottle of spray-paint off the shelf and spray it on the floor...not once but several times? That's even worse than the assholes who open packages and take out part of the contents, put the opened, partly-filled packages back on the shelf and walk out without paying.


What do you expect from people who essentially have stolen access to this country? Who have just *walked* across the border, who work here, drive here and live here illegally? Do you really expect them to respect anything at all about this country? And of course, just walking across the border is just one part of the above. Plenty of people were born here or *came* here legally and live a life full of petty, mundane crime.


Our society, the American way of life, at least, what it has historically been, it essentially relies on self-policing. We cannot survive if someone has to walk around enforcing all the laws all the time, making people act as if they have sense. It just costs too much money and you can't always have someone there all the time who is trustworthy, neutral and responsible, not abusing their authority. The country is no better than the people.


And this is the kind of people that we have here, now.

People who take what they can get and run, and if they get caught, attack the people who catch them for "getting in their business". Want to beat someone up or even shoot them for calling the police on them, for "snitching on them". As if it's perfectly-legitimate for them to wreak havoc in everyone elses' life. Or do they even think about that? Does that even occur to them?


"It's not such a big deal why do you worry so much about someone painting on the floor of someone elses' store".


Because it's so much more than that.

They are defacing MY life and the lives of everyone else who has to deal with this. These people are ruining our country, goddamm it.


...hey, just spray the shit on the floor.

Better you be sure that it's the right color before you buy it.

Just take the part out of the package without paying for it.

Better you be sure that it fits and save your money.

Just throw your trash on the ground.

Better you not have to deal with it.

Just play your stupid fucking music loud at whatever time you want.

Better that you be happy listening to it as you want.


Just do whatever you fucking need to do to ensure that your life is as smooth as possible...just do whatever you want to do...just tell the rest of the world to fuck off...because as we all know, your happiness is all that matters.


And you wonder why, really, so often in life it comes down to who gets the first shot off and why so many people assume that people just get themselves into trouble, just being who they are.


Because it does and they do.


Some people are just assholes and eventually they run into someone who says "enough of you and your shit". It's just a question of where and when. But the irony is that there are many, many ways to be an asshole and two assholes together can cause a lot of shit. Just like one asshole left to run too long can cause a lot of shit.


And you know, as they say, "shit happens".

I see it as a sign that at least one asshole is being taken care of.

Maybe even two or three, if we're lucky.

Fact is, assholes need to get cleaned-up, or else things get messy and stinky for everyone. And when someone tells you that you're doing something wrong in life, you've basically got two choices: either stop being such an asshole, or be an even bigger one. And trust me on this: just about every asshole thinks that they are perfectly justified in what they are doing, and when confronted, will happily show you just how big of an asshole they can be.


In the United States, you have GOT to have "lethal force" at your disposal, somehow, somewhere, at some level, you have got to have sufficient force to defend yourself, or you are just going to get shit on, by every asshole who passes by and realizes that they can dump on you and get away with it. Because in the US there is one thing and only one thing that is respected: the ability to kick someones' ass, to make them seriously pay for being an asshole. It is not that everyone is like that, certainly some Americans are more sophisticated than that, better-behaved, socially more pleasant & conscious people. But there are enough assholes in this country that it's just a matter of time. In the US you will be lucky to get through the day without having to deal with a true shithead. Probably more than one...brimming with confidence that they are a great person. And there is only one thing that they respect other than themselves: someone who can literally kick their ass.


You just gotta remember that there are many ways to kick someone's ass in the US. And many ways that you can get your own ass kicked. And as well, many assholes who will be happy to kick it. And when you think that you know them all, you will find a new one. Most people have enough sense to not walk the edge of the "line". Some people don't even have enough sense to realize or even care that there *is* a "line". And some people, even if they do care, don't really know where the "line" is. And some people, if they even think that there might be a "line" somewhere, why they have to run and jump right over it, you tell them that they can't do something or shouldn't do something and they have to run right out and go and do it then fight anyone who tells them otherwise. There are over 300 million people in this country and that makes for a whole lot of assholes and a whole lot of shit and that is the one BIG problem with the U.S. of A. It has become a cesspool of every type of problem from all over the world, not to mention the ones that we've created ourselves. All while a sizable part of the country denies that it's a problem in any way, shape or form.


I honestly and logically believe that it's the last part that will be our true downfall. An organization of humans which believes that it is error-free is creating the most fundamental error of all: operating under the assumption that it is perfect. Second is the assumption that it is the "best system possible". These delusions propagate through and undermine everything they do, and so ultimately I look at the above and see not paint on the floor of a Home Depot in Laurel Md. I see the fatal flaws of American society coming through the pleasant, orderly exterior view that we wish to show. The natural progression of Mankind back into the dust from which it came, despite any and all efforts to stop this.


Ultimately it is not the low-class scum that "shop" at Home Depot that cause this. It's the so-called "leaders of our society" who in their daily failure create the conditions that promote such behavior. If our own "leaders" cannot accept and deal with their failures in a rational manner but they get to continue on in their positions of power regardless, how can we really expect the illegal making $5/hr working his ass off to build their houses, pools and gardens to do any better? You pass more laws, more laws get broken and the more laws get disregarded, abuse and ignored because the system is fundamentally fucked. Fundamentally the asshole will look at you and tell you that you have no right to tell them what to do, that they're not doing anything wrong and that even if they are it's not a big deal anyway and you need to mind your own business and stop bothering them. They are no different from the men and women at the top of the American power-structure, who all talk about right and wrong, law and order and then go out every day and undermine this country from the top down with their irrational behavior. The main reason being that everyone has a different opinion of what "rational behavior" really is, and the same for each and every subjective term associated with "law and order". But for the people at the top "rational behavior" means "what got them their job and what keeps them in it". Our government confuses "good politics" with "good logic".


You get those two confused too often? You have real trouble.

You do just good enough at it?

You keep your position of power at the expense of the country.


You do a really good job of confusing those two?

The rest of the country dies keeping you in office.


And it's going to take a whole lot of suffering for a country of 300M+ people to actually "die". What you see here is just a signpost along the way.


What you see here is why there is a nationalistic fever sweeping the former Communist states. Why they completely distrust the West.

They have seen "Capitalism" and "Freedom". Under Communism, they already had the powerful & secure state jobs, the nice houses and the political perks. But under Communism, they did not have people thumbing their nose at the System. At least not for long. Americans, in their pursuit and worship of "Freedom", have merely brought themselves Chaos, and as such are trapped in a Hell of their own creation, which of course they have convinced themselves is "the best system on Earth". "Freedom" does not mean "free to live a life of your own choosing". It means that you are trapped in a life where at any moment some complete stranger can come by and completely fuck you up, and the only way to "free" yourself from that is to voluntarily-imprison yourself in a somewhat-stable environment where even if it is not entirely under *your* control, it is at least well-controlled by *someone*. Ultimately to survive in the US we must join a "gang" of some form or another, and in the end life in the US reduces to a battle between gangs. And all gangs must obey the 2nd law of Thermodynamics. Order requires energy and energy is quite expensive. You have two choices: either find a stable state or continue to transform matter into energy. Note that the sign is only in English. That way Latinos can pretend that the sign isn't meant from them and not take it as a challenge to come there and spray-paint the entire floor, the shelves, and half the items for sale plus walk out with half the cans.

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Taken on April 12, 2012