One of My Top 3!

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    Sitting around with a few of my friends on hot July evening,
    we were discussing what we should do before I moved to Grande Prairie to go to
    college. We bounced around more than a few ideas and all became excited about
    one. A road trip up to Muncho Lake, why not? We were 3 fresh graduates from high
    school and figured “what the heck!?” Early the next day we set out on our newly
    decided adventure.

    Thanks to the early dawn in the north during the summer
    months we were able to leave bright and early, we piled into the truck munchies
    and cameras in hand. Our drive was animated (even for a bunch of teens up before noon!)
    we laughed, sang, and also car danced in our seats! We talked about how weird
    it felt to be graduated, how we had responsibility to live up to our parents
    dreams for us.

    Our first stop was at Steamboat Mountain (which is closed)
    and took pictures with the old looking gas terminals.

    The second stop was at Tetsa River Regional Campground; we
    drove in and parked, taking out some marshmallows (yes. At 7am ha-ha!) We took
    a small hike down to the river, walked up and took goofy pictures and chased
    each other around with handfuls of water! After some good fun and lots of
    laughs we jumped back into the truck, and headed further north to Toad River.

    At Toad River we started to crave something more than marshmallows
    and candies. We stopped in at the lodge for some good eating! Our meal
    consisted of honey garlic wings, poutine fries and a few other delicious appetizers.
    Just a hop away there was a turn off on the right hand side of the road,
    driving in about 1km we pulled up to the river. Quick to follow was more pictures, goofing
    around and stretching of the legs. Thanks to our content appetites and new found energy of course!

    As we continued north we passed the Indian head rock, the
    valley lookout point pull out and many beautiful sites! When we made it to
    Muncho Lake (finally! Ha-ha) we jumped out first at the Strawberry Flats
    Campground, took a nice walk around in the sun, we continued on to MacDonald
    Campground, we sat on the dock, ate some snacks, and played music out of our
    truck. Singing and dancing on the dock with my best friend James, I realized
    that this was the perfect way to spend a Saturday with friends. Although we
    were sad about separating and moving on with life, nobody said a word. Just
    made the most of the very few days we had left.

    On the way home, we stopped at Baba Canyon, which is right
    around Summit Lake. None of us had ever been in there and decided another
    driving break was needed! We made our way in carefully stepping over rocks,
    puddles of water and plant life. We climbed up the side of the rock face taking
    photos the entire way up! We were even lucky to see a stone mountain sheep off
    in the distance!

    No doubt this trip made my Top 3 best days ever!

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