February Sunrise in Ucluelet

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    This morning the sun rose at 7:21AM. That's the best part about waking up early in Ucluelet, being a part of such a beautiful world as it starts a new day. I drove out to Amphitrite Point and climbed out to a rocky perch near the Amphitrite Lighthouse. I watched its giant bulb spin, flashing light into the open ocean, and then I turned by gaze east towards Barkley Sound and the silhouettes of the Broken Group Islands.

    The sky slowly turned from a faded blue grey to light pink, then purple and darker pink along the clouds that streaked across the sky. As the sun started to rise over the mountains in the far distance I noticed the rocks around me light up. They were under that special golden spotlight that only happens early in the morning under the first rays of sunshine.

    Then the sky burst into golden as the sun finally appeared over the horizon. Sea gulls were flying overhead, heads bobbing down to the rock pools looking for breakfast. I noticed a sea otter close to the shore on his back, anxiously gnawing on whatever breakfast he had already found. The sun hung in the sky like a perfect circle of light, shining bright on my face.

    As I walked back to the Wild Pacific Trail I saw two bald eagles take flight off of a tree. They flew in complete unison, swooping and circling the top of the Amphitrite Lighthouse, around and around, over and over until finally leaving together and disappear far over the tree tops.

    It's such a special place, Ucluelet, and such a privilege to be amongst nature in its rawest and truest form. It's hard to think of anything that could come close to beating this morning's sunrise over the Broken Group Islands, except for maybe the sunset on the other side... tonight.

    1. Beto Machado [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

      Oh My God! I found the paradise !

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