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Relaxing with the Stars


Ever wonder what it would be like to star in a movie? I sure have but in reality, that’s just not going to happen and therefore I have to settle for the next best thing which is to sit back, relax in a comfy chair, and watch the movie on a big screen. Coming from a large city, I expected the cinema here to have one theatre, plastic chairs, and a tiny screen. I was most certainly proven wrong when I stepped into the Aurora Cinema at the Totem Mall. The large comfortable seats allow you to feel as though you are on that Pelham train with the stimulating John Travolta or soaring through the skies in the film, Up.

When I watch a movie, food is an absolute requirement. This theatre not only has a popcorn concession stand but they additionally sell New York Fries and Frozen Yogurt.

Have you ever gotten extremely frustrated with those audience members who feel it necessary to yell out sarcastic comments as if the actors can actually hear them? Well at the Aurora Cinema, the staff is required to ensure this does not happen in order to create a more enjoyable movie watching experience.

Furthermore, the theatres in larger cities can charge up to $12.95 for one admission. This ridiculous price is comparable to the $8.95 charged here. So if you are looking for a fun-filled family night that is also affordable, I would suggest seeking out the newest flick and making a trip to the Aurora Cinema.

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Taken on June 28, 2009