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Rainbow Mountain Outfitting


This past summer my Dad and I had the wonderful opportunity to explore the Rainbow Mountains by horseback, guided by the Dorsey family (Rainbow Mountain Outfitters). Bar none, this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.


I feel fortunate to have travelled extensively throughout my life, having walked the Great Wall of China, climbed inside the pyramids of Giza, and stood on top of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia. I can honestly say that my trip with the Dorsey’s this past summer, rivals any other adventure I have experienced.


The area of Tweedsmuir Park appealed to me largely because of two reasons:

a) Location in the back country, and

b) Opportunity to ride horse back


Having visited many front country parks within BC, I now understand that the back country is truly unique. BC has such an amazing system of front country Parks, that are far more maintained, administered, and visited than the Rainbows in Tweedsmuir, however it was the isolated, natural, bush experience that I wished to visit, and I wasn’t disappointed.


Exploring the Rainbow Mountains by horseback connected us with a part of the province that we likely would never have been able to visit, should hiking have been our only option. Between the wide range of landscapes, large distances to cover, and the limited trail system (which the Dorsey’s do an amazing job of maintaining for the benefit of all Park visitors), horses provided the perfect medium for us as visitors to enjoy this amazing park.


From the moment we arrived at Tanya Lakes (by floatplane from Nimpo Lake which is just outside of Anahim Lake), we were taken in as family by the Dorsey’s. Each member of their team offered us different insight into the park as well as a deep respect for its history and the importance of conservation and protection. The Dorsey’s unique personal history is evident through the stories and the innate knowledge that they shared with us on a daily basis. Simply put, they are in a league of their own. David, Joyce, Leslie, and Aileen created a trip that my dad and I will never forget. I will without a doubt be back to visit both this amazing Park, and the Dorsey’s again, in what I hope is the very near future.

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Taken on August 1, 2008