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Soya misaki arrival vid

Made it in the nick of time!

Bike km: 34150km


Landmark building at Soya Misaki

TOP: Time 2.50AM

Below: Temp 11.0 degC

Next down: Latitude cordinates 45degrees 31minutes 14seconds

Bottom: Date 20(2008)Year 8month 11day -as written in the Japanese calendar


Location can be found here:

and here


More info on Soyamisaki's location here:,_Hok...


I would have taken a pic of the monument there but it was dark. Luckily I got a pic, bit blurry though as I was setting camp, were you can see the monument in the background.


Check it out - no petrol(see gauge) 3am in the morning and I couldn't be bothered riding 40km back down the road to a campsite that may be shut and the sun was due to rise around 6am. So I just camped off down the embankment out of site. Sure got a shock when I woke in the morn!

Read how I got there

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Uploaded on August 19, 2008