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MT-72 | by -toryu-
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length of the bridge is 20 m. The bridge allows passage of tracked vehicles, 50 tons in weight and wheeled vehicles with axle load up to 12 tons. Bridge tank is controlled from inside without the crew had to come out. Lids must be closed. This allows the bridge work tank in close contact with enemy and protect crew members against weapons of mass destruction. Bridge tank can operate on a slope with a ± 15 ° and side slope ± 6 °. To overcome obstacles wider than the length of the bridge, it is possible to lay two or more bridges. Pavement mechanism is controlled by hydraulic cylinders, whose activity is controlled by special control, allowing manual or automatic control.

Bridge tank is also equipped with a device for fording, which allows overcoming water obstacles up to a maximum depth of 4.2 m.

Bridge laying mechanism of MT - 72 is a modified version of a MT - 55A mechanism. This allows interchangeability of bridges. Also, consistency is maintained high parts of the superstructure


Crew: 2

Total Weight: 41.5 t

Length of the tank with a bridge: 10,6 m

Width of the tank with a bridge: 3.6 m

Height of the tank with a bridge: 3.8 m


Bridge type: scissors

Length of the distributed bridge: 20 m

Width of the bridge: 3,3 m

Length of the folded bridge: 10,6 m

A through-belt width: 1.15 m

The total bridge weight: 6 t

Capacity of the bridge: 50 t

Laying mechanism control: hydraulic

Laying time: 3 min. max.

Loading time: 3-8 min. (min/max)

Hydraulic system:

Continuous working pressure: 22 MPa

Maximum pressure: 28 MPa

The amount of oil: 350 l

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Taken on September 6, 2010