Interface / Interference
When I say “I", an interface appears around me without any specific shape. As soon as I say “you", another interface appears between you and me, whether it’s good or not. When I point my camera at the world, I become aware that the world is full of interfaces. They divide the world into innumerable fragments and they're full of potential for change. Sometimes they can be the takeoff for communication, harmony, fusion or mutual understanding, and sometimes the ignition point of rejection, separation, alienation or conflict, just like walls.

This project deals with the interface between contrastive elements or the interference with each other. Nature and humanity, nature and civilization, the past and the present, living things and lifeless things, this world and the other world, land and water, the real and the virtual, safety and danger, a person and another, etc. … Anyway, the interface is almost always the opening sentence of a (hi)story. Nobody knows whether it will lead to a happy or tragic ending.

Half of the pictures have been taken in Kyoto. The ancient capital is surrounded by mountains and the rivers flow through the center of the city. I find various dimensions bordering on and interfering with one another there. Nature in itself is just nature with humanities and the accumulation of history, for example. I can also say that the interface gives birth to an amalgam of various dimensions.
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