Post accident

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Today while taking a walk Willa's stroller hit a pot hole and flipped over. She landed on her face. There was a ton of blood and it was really scary, but she's all right. Both of her lips are swollen and she is all bruised and scraped. This picture does not do her injuries justice.

  1. {KerryAnn} 78 months ago | reply

    awe, poor little stuff. But off the subject...LOOK AT THAT HAIR!

  2. jayesel 78 months ago | reply

    oh man... poor Willa! And poor Mama, I bet you were freaking out.

  3. jtgoldner 78 months ago | reply

    Aw my poor little pumpkin.

    Drunk driving, I assume.

  4. tschopper (Tom Schopper Photography) 78 months ago | reply

    PLG.... ("poor lil girl!")

    We had a very similar accident with our oldest son when he was in a stoller; right on his face too. He also one time took a header off of a step and face-planted. Both times things looked WAY worse because of all the blood - scary nonetheless.

    Hang in there Willa! (And you too Torrie!)

  5. The Fuzzball 78 months ago | reply

    Look at all the hair on my darling Q*bert!!! :D

    She's fine, babe. Kids are made out of rubber. Just scoop her up, hose her off, and start all over again! ;)


  6. Tanya in BNE 78 months ago | reply

    OH! Poor baby. I hope she is ok.

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