Why did you just tell me that?

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Poster on a MUNI bus.

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  1. Erika Hall 89 months ago | reply

    Ha ha ha - I thought the same thing when I saw this.

    It doesn't communicate either, "yeah - riding Muni is awesome and safe!" or "Driving Muni can be a rewarding job!"

    More like, "You know those crazy people on Muni? They can be really dangerous!"

  2. Amber Dawn 89 months ago | reply

    This is why I like to take cabs after midnight.

  3. riffola 89 months ago | reply

    SF scares me and my New Yorker ways.

  4. michael.buffington 89 months ago | reply

    speaking of cabs after midnight - the driver of the last cab I took after midnight felt asleep at the wheel. i didn't know it until he began slowing to a stop at a green light.

    as I was getting out 7 blocks early I woke him up, and he moaned about my not paying. eventually we both agreed to call it even before I called the cops. that's the night I saw a homeless man with his head buried inside a pumpkin, apparently eating it from the inside out.

  5. waldopepper 89 months ago | reply

    ^ OK, you win

  6. Mike Monteiro 88 months ago | reply

    @elbow donkey: You don't take a photo of a homeless man eating a pumpkin from the inside out?!?

  7. tonx 87 months ago | reply

    public service announcements from inside the prison colony.

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