Indie X 2016
Indie X is targeted the professional performing arts Indie community and was a vital networking and learning conference. Speakers and panelists included: Sky Gilbert, Philip Akin, Nina Lee Aquino, Ravi Jain, Byron Laviolette, Kelly Straughan, Jivesh Parasam and more.

Attendees learned creative and cheap marketing tactics from Toronto’s top advertising and marketing gurus, they discovered the benefits of associating with major organizations and ways in which to create those connections. They could also participate in one of four ‘In discussion with …’ groups. Indie X aimed to provide every artist with the tools they need to produce their art in today’s competitive theatre, dance and opera environment.

Indie X also featured The Indie Agora: A Connections Forum, which offered participants a chance to chat with representatives from various cultural and government organizations along with independent business owners.

Indie X was presented by the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts, in association with the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres and The Rhubarb Festival.
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