Tomcat Tyson - Kater Tyson
Tyson was a male cat, who stood in front of our backdoor early in January 2013, asking for some food and a place to limber up for a while. We did as he requested, so he decided to stay for longer and to live with us. Because he was very cute and affectionate, everybody loved him except one. In the beginning our dog Trixie was not amused, but after a while they started to tolerate each other. Tyson usually stayed most of his time in our house, but now and then he did some wanderings in the environments. Mostly he left in the evening and came back arround midnight until the unpleasant day came, he didn't come home because he was killed by a car. He lived with us only for one and a half month, but it felt as bad as if he had lived with us for years.
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