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    1. DCcomicsRule 108 months ago | reply

      where is the basis for this graph?

    2. Gray Lensman QX! 108 months ago | reply

      Source for graph:

      Temp portion of graph is derived from C.R. Scotese:

      CO2 data comes from R.A. Berner, 2001 (GEOCARB III)

      I prettied up the graph some when I used it for a blog entry on global warming:

    3. J-a-x 106 months ago | reply

      Has this been published in any peer reviewed journals, or just on a few random websites?

      I haven't spent much time reading those sites, but I'd believe it much more if it were in Nature or Science rather than some webpages I've never heard of.

      One of these sites ( plays Star Wars music when you go to the main page. Kind of sketchy if you ask me.

    4. Gray Lensman QX! 106 months ago | reply

      Here you go:

      "Geocarb III: A Revised Model of Atmospheric CO2 Over
      Phanerozoic Time"
      R.A. Berner.
      Published in American Journal of Science, Vol. 301, February, 2001, P. 182–204

      Paleomap Project
      C.R. Scotese
      Winner of Scientific American's 2001 Sci/Tech Web Award
      Other publications by C.R. Scotese:

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