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Peggy gets mooned! | by Dave the Haligonian
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Peggy gets mooned!

Explored Front Page - March 22, 2009 - Thank you all so very much!

Thank you Wendell & Anne Louise for grabbing the screen shot for me!



The moon rising above the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove just after sunset.



Peggy's Cove

Nova Scotia, Canada



Well it's been over a month since my last PC lighthouse shot! I can't believe it!! LOL

I shot this over 6 months ago with a buddy who wanted to go try out his new camera. The moon was full and the tide was out so I figured that would make for some decent waves. They turned out to be better than normal but not too crazy. The sun had just disappeared over the horizon here but the pink in the sky was really awesome. Too bad there weren't any clouds but at least we had an unobstructed view of the moon. It wasn't dark enough to see the stars yet and the only other thing in the sky was the planet Venus (or was it Jupiter?) that you can barely see here.


You might be asking why I sat on this for so long? Well, a few reasons really... my archives of folders/pictures is or at least was not organized and the RAW file of this image is much darker so I didn't really take a good look at until I switched to Lightroom2 and cataloged all of my shots. LR2 is really great for organizing, ranking and raw processing your work. You can assign a rank (or star rating) so you can easily find the shots you want to process later without having to go through them all again (like I always had to do as I forget about my old shots quickly. I know, you forget about my shots rather quickly as well!! :-)


Post Processing

Well let's see... firstly this was one shot at a wide aperture and high ISO 400 (for the D200) which can be noisy but I wanted to more or less freeze the waves hitting the shore. Knowing what I know now I would have taken another exposure exposing for the rocks and sky and push it far to the right (on the histogram) and blended them later during PP (post processing). At least I knew at the time to take a shot of just the moon exposed properly to blend in later. Anyway this shot was so dark and the sky was so noisy that I passed it by when I first looked at it in September. After learning a few more skills and getting Noise Ninja I gave it another look to see if I could rescue it. I gave the sky a big dose of NN and it really smoothed it out well. If there were clouds it likely would have been too soft but it worked well on the graduated colors in the sky so I'm happy.


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Nikon D200 : Nikkor 18-200mmVR @ 22mm : 1/6s @ f/4.6 : ISO 400


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