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Wood Ja? ;-)

Explored Front Page - Jan. 18, 2009 - Thank you all so very much!

Thanks for the screen shot Kimberly!




Barrett's Lumber Mill

A few logs in the ice and snow waiting to go to the mill?



Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, Canada



I pass this lumber mill everytime I go out to visit my buddy in Beaverbank. Mmmm...beaver ;-)

I keep meaning to stop and take a few pictures of this place. It just looks cool to my and there in a big pool of water in front of is this thing anyway? Some kind of smoke stack I guess? (Edit: this is a "teepee" burner, used to burn the waste from the mill; thanks snohomish). Anyway the pool of water always looks cool and reflects that "thing" most of the time. Well last night on my way home to get ready to meets up with friends for sushi... Mmm,...raw fish :-) ...damn! I lost my train of thought! Oh yeah! On my way home the sunset was just too amazing that I just had to finally stop and get some shots. Obviously that pool was frozen solid as it's been almost -20C here which is about -55F ;-) for you Yanks! So anyway I just concentrated on the sunset and light on the snow and logs.

OMG, I sure do babble! Well I hope you like it. BTW, it looked much more vibrant before I uploaded it. The snow is much duller viewer on the web browser (I use Firefox & Flock) and this is the first time I really noticed it. I will have to check my settings I guess? If you have any criticisms just keep them to yourself! LOL


Tech crap:

I shot this in the typical 3 frame bracketed (-2ev_0_+2ev) in Aperture priority and dialed in +2ev ExpComp to compensate for shooting into the light.. It was getting quite dark so I used 30seconds as my baseline and the 2 more shots at +2/-2ev.

Merged the raw files in Photomatix. Layered in the -2ev sky in CS4. Did the usual layer of curves. Lowered the saturation (yeah, right! :-). Resized, sharpened etc... and it looked ok until i saw it on the browser, now it seems dull or flat to me. At least compared to the PSD file. I meant have another look and replace it although I don't like doing that.


Touch me and make my wood bigger baby!

(Don't even think about it Artie! :-)


Nikon D90 : Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm : 30seconds + -2ev & +2ev @ f/11 ISO200


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Taken on January 17, 2009