The Good, The Bed & The Ugly
June 1 – July 13, 2012
Hirschberg Gallery in the Sabatini Gallery

Teen-curated exhibit of selections from the Library's permanent collection.

What does a dream look like?

As we enter into sleep, our dreams start to take shape. The subconscious portion of our brain takes control as we slowly slip into an unconscious state of mind. The scenes and images that we dream, either good or “ugly”, have meaning that are open to interpretation.

This exhibition, The Good, The Bed and The Ugly, includes a variety of intriguing, scary and weird artworks that we dreamt of putting together to illustrate our dreams and nightmares.

—Anna Ahrens, Danielle Snell, and Erika Spaulding, Curators


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Curate This! is a student project directed by Sabatini Gallery associate curator, Betsy Roe, for selected, area high school youth. 2012 is the first year we've offered it.

Students will work with a curator to choose art works from the Library's permanent collection for exhibition in the front gallery (Hirschberg Gallery).

Students will create the text panels, write curator's statements and work with our Communications & Marketing department on various marketing elements.
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