Kansas Masters Invitational 2011
September 2-October 21, 2011

We are very proud to host the Kansas Masters Invitational Art Exhibit at the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery this year. This exhibit features some of the best and most well-respected artists in Kansas.

From vibrant oil paintings to contorted glass sculpture, the diversity of artwork in this year’s Kansas Masters Invitational Art Exhibit is as varied as the backgrounds and visions of the artists who created it. This exhibit features Kansas artists who have made and are making significant marks, figuratively and literally, on this state. They have achieved their own recognizable yet ever-changing styles that have earned them attention locally, nationally and for some internationally, by exhibiting and publishing their work.

This exhibit, like Kansas itself, has its share of treasured traditions as well as, often unexpectedly and diversely, an ability to see beyond the traditions to new discoveries.

To see full exhibit description and walk-through video, click here.
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