Books Outside the Binding
Books Outside the Binding
12/5/2008 – 2/13/2009

We expect to find books at a library, but chances are you've never seen books quite like these.

How far can you push the functionality of a book (text, paper, binding, information exchange, portability) before it's no longer JUST a book, but something more: an art object?

"Books are emotional objects. They have the ability to educate us, to open our minds, to transport us to other places and times. Favorite books sometimes even change their shapes, becoming dog-eared, losing pages. Though the form may change, the function remains the same. Books Outside the Binding explores the world of contemporary artists' books, a world that challenges and re-interprets the traditional book form.

The artists represented in this exhibit come from a variety of backgrounds, but all are drawn to the book as a vessel for ideas and information. Pages may be made of paper, fabric, or bottle caps; covers may be wood or ceramic; bindings may be sewn or loose. Stories are told not only through text on a page, but through the materials, the structure, and the form of the book. In this context, even a blank page can reveal meaning.

Books Outside the Binding encourages us to explore our emotional attachment to the book as an object, and to expand our perceptions of the traditional book form."

–Brea Black & Zan Popp, Curators
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