BNTM 05-06: Caroline- "I don’t zig, I zag, and there ain’t no one in this world that can cut my swag."

PB here with our very own sex kitten, Caroline, who unfortunately made her exit from Next Top Model this week. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, Caroline.


Caroline: No problem!


PB: So tell us, did your elimination shock you at all? I mean, you were at the top of the pack for two weeks in a row, a consistent fan favorite, and the judges loved you as well. So what gives?


C: I wasn’t shocked, actually. I know what you guys are thinking: I was at the bottom with a girl who has already been at the bottom two times, so by default I should have been saved. But my elimination was a fair one. I didn’t deliver what the client wanted, but Pandora did, or at least tried to is what the judges said. So there you go.


P: Looking back do you think there is anything you could have done to make the shot look different? Enough to ensure your place in the final five?


C: Not really, no. I mean, I could have toned down the sex, yes, but I posed like I felt in the bathing suit. I felt, and looked, sexy!


PB: So you’re….okay with how all of this went down?


C: I’m more than okay. I’m….happy I came in sixth. To be honest this modeling thing doesn’t really interest me that much. I mean, don’t get me wrong, getting glamed up and having your picture taken is great and all, but I could never do this every day of my life.


PB: So what prompted you to audition for the show, and…stay as long as you did when you knew that your heart just wasn’t in it?


C: Well, I auditioned with my sister, Cara. It was some bonding thing for her, but I just wanted to be on TV. I definitely preferred the virtual aspect of this competition as opposed to the fashion or photo shoots, which is why I stuck it out as long as I did.


PB: But do you think that was fair? To stay in this competition when other girls would have gladly taken your place?


C: Anything is fair game in this business, in life, really. That’s what I’ve come to learn. So what if I crushed a few dreams here and there? This industry would have done it eventually; I just saved it the trouble.


PB: But what about Cara?


C: What about Cara? My sister is a big girl. I don’t need to baby her; her parents do enough of that. She needed to toughen up, and I think getting axed first in this competition did a lot more good if anything else. And besides, in this competition she wasn’t my sister; she was just another model competition against me and everyone else.


PB: But she really felt that this competition would bring you two together…


C: Her priorities are not mine. What we have going on now is good. I like it. I get that she wants us to have a “big sis, little sis” relationship, but that’s just not my style. We may be sisters, but we’re just too different.


PB: Ok, well….moving on. You were pegged as the wild child, the party girl in this competition. Was that a fair assessment of your character?


C: Definitely. I’m the girl that loves to have a good time, that likes to be the life of the party. Is it appropriate all the time? No. But I’m just being me 24/7. I don’t zig, I zag, and there ain’t no one in this world that can cut my swag.


PB: Out of all the shoots you did , what has been your favorite and least favorite?


C: LOVED the mod lingerie shoot. I felt sexy and cute, and it was just fun to shoot. My least favorite was the Mad Men shoot. I didn’t really like what I was wearing, to be honest. I really wanted what Poppy was wearing. That dress was stunning. Mine? Not so much. It was too sophisticated for my taste. But the judges loved that shoot, so what do I know?


PB: Now that there are five girls remaining, can you tell us a bit about who these girls are as individuals?


C: Well lets see….Kana is just so lovable. It’s hard to be mad at her because she’s just to loving. She’s always up to help anyone out, and you can tell she really appreciates being in the competition. She’s one girl that I would have given my spot for, for sure.


Poppy is a doll. Adorable girl, great and funny personality. Definitely the jokester of the group.


Tamizin and Rosa are reserved, quiet, and somewhat serious. Really boring girls.


Pandora is the hungriest of all he girls. She wants to win so bad, it’s kinda sad and pathetic at the same time.


PB: Well, you certainly don’t hold back, now, do you? Who are you rooting for to win?


C: Kana or Poppy have my vote.


PB: What’s in store for you?


C: I’d love to get a reality show!!!


PB: Well, I was referring to more on a modeling level?


C: Ah, well….money talks, bullshit walks. I’d love to do Maxim, Sports Illustrated, or Victoria’s Secret.


PB: Thank you for sitting down with us. And best of luck to you.


C: You’re Welcome.


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Taken on July 6, 2012