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Amelia Ellis

PB here with the beautiful Amelia! Now, before we get into the specifics of the competition and your experience, I must address something that I only just found out a few moments ago. You and Reina have more in common with one another than just beauty and talent, do you not?


Amelia: Why yes I do!


PB: And what would that be?


A: Well, like Reina, one of my family members was on some show or other. You might have heard of it. Next Top Model? *laughs*


PB: Why yes, I think I have! And who is this fierce family member of yours?


A: Last cycle’s runner up, Alamela, is my cousin. We were born one month apart so we’re really close. When we were little we actually used to play “model” and do a little runway walk on her hallway. Those were good times.


PB: Obviously!!! You do look somewhat alike.


A: Yes, I would get that a lot from the judges during panel. Inside I would be like, “Well yeah, we’re related!”


PB: And why is it that you never brought it to the attention of the judges or the girls?


A: I guess I didn’t want either of them to treat me differently because I’m related to someone remotely famous, a Top Model at that. I saw how some of the girls treated Reina after they found out about Victoria and I just didn’t want that pressure on me.


PB: That’s understandable. The competition itself is stressful enough without having a whole weight on you.


A: Yeah, in the beginning I found the competition really overbearing. I’m still not used to the cameras and crew being around me and the sleep deprivation really got to me. I was a bundle of nerves for the first half of the competition, and my earlier shots really reflect that.


PB: Speaking of which, you really turned it out mid competition and continued to rise to the top of the pack until this past photo shoot!


A: Yeah, I reached a point in the competition where I just snapped out of it. You know, I was being self-deprecating and not doing the best that I knew I could achieve.


P: For a while there you were landing consistently in the second best slot.


A: Oh God, yes!! That was so annoying! But I was ecstatic when I did finally get my first call out, and in Italy no less!


PB: What was it like being in a house full of girls, 24/7?


A: When we were a group of 13 girls it was understandably stressful. I guess I felt like I was back in high school, surrounded by all this intense female energy. And you know how girls can get. All hormonal and crazy. It was like that for a long while until the numbers started decreasing. Actually it got so much better after Simone left. She really reminded me of those girls that would pick on me in school.


PB: Who were you closest to in the Top Model house?


A: It took me along while to open up to all the girls, but in the end Reina, Nicole, and Lilith were a source of comfort and support for me. I love those girls to death!


PB: What was the highlight of the competition for you?


A: I think the moment that the judges told me that I had an international look really really put a lot of things into perspective. The doubt I was holding up to that point left me and I was free to truly pursue my goals head on. Up till then I never saw myself as beautiful or much of a competition for the other girls. But it was nice to hear industry experts tell me that my atypical beauty was what the fashion world went crazy for. For the first time in a long time I felt that I was on the right path.


PB: What was your best and worst photo shoot?


A: Best shoot is definitely the Fairy Tale shoot. Everything was just so on point and amazing about that concept. I was so inspired. Worst shoot was my first one just because I was so out of the loop as far as what I had to do. I was a mess, fair to say.


PB: Who will be the Next Top Model?


A: Nicole has been going string all this time, and I love her dearly, but I think Lilith can take this all the way. She’s a high fashion model, the likes that this series has never seen before, and I think she could take the industry by storm through her win.


PB: What is next for you?


A: I want to model, most definitely. Seeing Alamela come so far and find success in Asia really inspired me to go for it full on. The experience in this competition has been eye opening and really showed me that I indeed can do this. So I hope I can sign with TITAN models or if not find a nice agency to work with me.


PB: It was a pleasure seeing you blossom in this cycle, Amelia. Best of luck to you!


A: Thank You!


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Taken on January 3, 2003