• This I want but my mom says that spending $75 isn't worth it........... - Unknown User2596
  • Buying 10199 (and another set) getting 50% or $500 gift card is definitely worth it, but I don't like my chances....... - Unknown User2596
  • *Expects TS sets in LEGO stores* - Unknown User2596
  • Why are they using the old type?
    (If you don't know what I mean look at the 2x2 printed plate) - Unknown User2596
  • Don't you also have to have this coupon to get it?

    And don't fret, my mom would say that too. ;) - lLikePi
  • Hmm...I don't think that the actual keychain has that plate. The ones at the Valley Fair store didn't have them, at least. - lLikePi
  • A teaser of some sorts, yes? - lLikePi
  • Not a surprise anymore! ;)

    (I also find it odd how the original size of notes fit these calendar boxes perfectly) - lLikePi
  • Snowman, Santa Claus, and Christmas Tree ornaments - $5 USD each - lLikePi
  • $10 USD - lLikePi
  • Cool Santa - $10 USD - lLikePi
  • The new ones have the 2x3 w/ holes in them. - Unknown User2596
  • She did say that if I wanted the box, get the large-sized cup instead........ - Unknown User2596
  • OH BOY! Can't wait! I'll be there. - brickbuilder711
  • Oops. Read the fine print, it's going to be difficult for me to be back at Orlando after X-mas to fill this. - brickbuilder711
  • That would be so sweet getting a $500 gift card, and 50% off. But I wont be anywhere near a lego store then. - donneyboy

LEGO Store Calendar November '09 - Front

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LEGO Store Calendar November '09 - Front

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  1. lLikePi 66 months ago | reply

    Beaten by Brickapolis! ;)

    However, yours is of better quality, so I'll fave yours instead. If you're reading this, sorry Brickapolis...

  2. lLikePi 66 months ago | reply

    ^ :p

    I hate how folding it makes it look so bad because of the glossy paper, though...

  3. TooMuchDew 66 months ago | reply

    Dennis was sick the entire week of the 5th-9th so I was lucky to get the October pumpkin build card and November calendar yesterday from my friend who went to the MMMB.

  4. brickbuilder711 66 months ago | reply

    Fave'd! November looks like a great month for LEGO. I'll be at the Festival of the Masters in Orlando on the 14th, and you bet I will have my cameras, both photo and video, plus my contribution into WITC.

  5. BHHfilms 65 months ago | reply

    What does the fine print in the circle say about the "surprise?" Thanks!

  6. lLikePi 65 months ago | reply

    All sizes is your friend!

  7. BHHfilms 65 months ago | reply

    Sweet thanks, I've blogged it along with other Black Friday lego deals here: brickbirthday.blogspot.com/2009/11/black-friday-lego-deal...

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