• Oh woo hoo a free foam sword that no one wants!Couldn't they just give people a free promo set instead of this . - .The Black Rabbit.
  • Wow, that sounds interesting! - lLikePi
  • Is this extra or a replacement for the Loyalty Card stamps? - hansolo401
  • I don't know... If I had to guess I'd bet they are probably phasing out Loyalty Cards but would honor cards that have already been started
  • I agree. - Sarah.Mitt's 365
  • Hmm...looks too simple. I won't be getting this one.. - lLikePi
  • Yeah.... why couldn't be something cool, like 8033? - Unknown User2596
  • Lego Club Meeting Halloween Special!
    LOL - Unknown User2596
  • Now THAT'S what I call false advertising. - Unknown User2596
  • It doesn't look as simple as you think....... - Unknown User2596
  • Again, they photoshopped it so it looks like it's on 4 legs.....
    Why? - Unknown User2596
  • Well, keep in mind that this is BIONICLE month, not Star Wars...

    For the June 2009 Star Wars month, we got free Assassin Droids battle packs ($11 USD) with just a $50 LEGO Star Wars purchases! That's like getting 20% of your purchase back! - lLikePi
  • When I talked to the clerk at the minneapolis store she said they would convert the loyalty card to the new card when the program starts on the 18th. The suspicion is they will offer it online but no official word yet. - Garth Danielson
  • I was saying 8033 for example...... - Unknown User2596
  • So you're saying that this will replace the Loyalty Card program? - Unknown User2596
  • I think it's a replacement only if you sign up for the program. - Unknown User2596
  • maybe cause it has 4 legs? - Brickule
  • It is. - eldeeem
  • Lolwut? It does have four legs... - eldeeem
  • What's false about it? - eldeeem
  • 8033 is Star Wars... - eldeeem
  • I mean that they photoshopped the leg so it looks like it's standing on 4 legs..... - Unknown User2596
  • The set does... - eldeeem
  • I'm just saying why.... - Unknown User2596
  • The set has four legs because the designer built it that way. No Photoshop involved. - eldeeem
  • *sigh*
    What I'm saying is:
    See that the front-right leg is tilted up? On this picture, the people photo shopped it so it looks like its standing on 4 legs.To me, it's unnecessary; Why go through all the trouble when you can use the box art? - Unknown User2596
  • Ah, I see now! Thank you for clarifying. - eldeeem
  • So all they did was move the rock in the pic. Nothing to get upset about. - Brickule

LEGO Store Calendar October '09 - front

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LEGO Store Calendar October '09 - front

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  1. TooMuchDew 66 months ago | reply

    The new VIP Card ($1 spent = 1 point / 100 points = $5 Gift Card) doesn't seem like as good a deal as the current LEGO Loyalty Card program (get a stamp for every $25 spent, $200 = $10 Gift Card, $400 spent = additional $20 gift card) Advantage to VIP deal is no minimum spend and looks like a plastic card that probably can be scanned. Now if only it would apply to S@H purchases too... then we'd be talking!

  2. CreativeAnarchy 66 months ago | reply

    The old stamp cards rarely worked out to much better than 5% store credit. The cash payouts seem bigger but you can never spend exactly $25 to get your stamp. I'm constantly $5 or $10 over. in the long run, AFOLs are probably getting a lot more money back from the VIP card, especially if you can use it for online purchases.

  3. Dog Ironbones A.K.A. SalmonFifteen 66 months ago | reply

    How do you get the calendar?

  4. lLikePi 66 months ago | reply

    ^ Usually LEGO Stores in the US have calendars at the back counter.

  5. Unknown User2596 66 months ago | reply

    Thanks for uploading this!
    I really don't know if I should but TLR now (at TRU) or during October 12-15. You get a free signed poster w/ purchase, but the price is $20.
    As for TRU, you can buy this (for $15), but you can also buy 8984-8989 (any of the six) and get $5 off

    Should it be now or later?

  6. TooMuchDew 66 months ago | reply

    ILikePi: c'mon... "The Legend Reborn" DVD...
    don't you keep up on your BIONICLE acronyms? ;)

  7. lLikePi 66 months ago | reply

    ^ No, BIONICLE is for weirdos people who don't like actual bricks (or any system things). :p

    (no offense to people who also like BIONICLE along with System themes)

  8. Garth Danielson 66 months ago | reply

    I miss the occasional one, so thanks for puttin' these up every month.

  9. Unknown User2596 66 months ago | reply

    ^^You do realize I have 95 Bionicle sets...... >_<

  10. lLikePi 66 months ago | reply

    ^ Do you buy any other themes? If so, the comment wasn't aimed at you. :p

  11. Unknown User2596 66 months ago | reply

    ^Yeah.....even Technic (only 2 sets though).

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