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    this year i will:

    ride faster
    race harder
    drink more water
    take better pictures
    knit more things for people i love
    write more letters
    waste less time on the interweb

    what are you gonna do?

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    1. fast boy 89 months ago | reply

      you cleaned your room!!! nice.

      I will also
      drink more water
      take better pictures

      and probably build more bikes.

    2. ndrC! 89 months ago | reply

      i really want to ride more this year. but i'm not into new years resolutions!

    3. threejumps 89 months ago | reply

      Nice muscle tone. I'm going to ride more too. Mike

    4. logoparenthêtês [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

      Great light!

      In 2007 I'm going to finish my [censored] dissertation, among other things.

    5. faster panda kill kill 89 months ago | reply

      i like your list. im gonna do that too. and draw more.

    6. Janet is really Cool! 89 months ago | reply

      I think your list is similar to mine.
      Rollers do scare, you are brave!
      Love the light on your thigh.

    7. _Russ_ 89 months ago | reply

      Nice picture on RichardMasoners Blog

    8. too many bicycles 89 months ago | reply

      hey russ,
      thanks for letting me know it was there!

    9. BEE VAN DAHLEN 89 months ago | reply

      ...great pic...nice legs...

    10. _Russ_ 89 months ago | reply

      no problem.... its a great blog for anyone that is into cycling

    11. bobbotron1 89 months ago | reply

      Nice! Photos like this make me want to shave my legs and start taking photos of them.. :P

      I'd like to..

      tour as much of NZ as I can while I'm here
      learn some new photography skills
      buy a race bike
      race :)
      climb more rocks

    12. wanderlustful 89 months ago | reply

      you have just inspired me to pour a bottle of water from the kitchen.

    13. randeclip 89 months ago | reply

      I love this!

    14. Rudolph! 86 months ago | reply

      I'd like to:

      start my MA
      make new and interesting friends
      ride my bike every other day (at least)
      practice aikido three times a week (at least)
      read James Joyce
      cook new and healthier recipes
      get involved in a world wide project outside my current job
      be happier with less money
      make more money and save the money
      date a redhead girl

      Well, I think this would do for starters...

    15. steve caddy 85 months ago | reply

      Hmmm... it's raining (at last).
      I might need to pony up for some rollers this winter.

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