Happy 50th Birthday Hula Hoop!

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    The Hula Hoop is officially 50 years old Thursday June 19th!

    Did you know it cost $1.98 the first year. when 100 million of them were sold? Or, that it was banned in the Soviet Union as a symbol of the "emptiness" of western culture?

    I cropped this shot from an earlier posted photo of mine and treated it a bit for the birthday.....

    Richard Knerr and Arthur Melin invented it. Both are dead now, with Knerr passing earlier this year. Wham-O still manufactures it and sells it, although, as you might guess, sales are down for this "Great American Fad"!

    Check out www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25252266/

    And also: news.sbs.com.au/worldnewsaustralia/hula_hoop_marks_50th_b...

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    1. Tony Fischer Photography 71 months ago | reply

      Thanks Caz. Happy to contribute......

    2. smokejmt 71 months ago | reply

      Action photo! Love it...

      This is the great work of an

      Eastern USA Photobug

    3. billnbenj 71 months ago | reply

      Great sense of movement in this one.That's one thing could never master.Mr Snake Hips I definitely ain't !

    4. ***Yuna*** 71 months ago | reply

      Very cool info, and nice shot = )
      Seen in
      ***FLICKRPEDIA*** House of Knowledge

      ***Flickrpedia*** House of Knowledge

    5. oblivion head 71 months ago | reply

      Nice fact and great iamge

      Seen in
      ***FLICKRPEDIA*** House of Knowledge

      ***Flickrpedia*** House of Knowledge

    6. kellyOD 71 months ago | reply

      really awesome shot!

    7. Tttea1963 71 months ago | reply

      I share a birthday with the hula hoop! well then. i feel super duper special.

    8. Poa! 71 months ago | reply

      Not really sure why, but I absolutely love it!

    9. johpf 71 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the memories.

      The Hula Hoop & The Twist are two of the main reasons I have back problems today at age 60. I have forgiven Chubby Checker so I guess I can forgive these 2 guys.

      Can't resist also sharing - AND hard of hearing due to headphones with the bass ALWAYS on MAX! Was there any other acceptable setting?

    10. roy_mac_an_iarla 71 months ago | reply

      Great treatment. Very cool image!

    11. Tony Fischer Photography 71 months ago | reply

      Thanks. Glad you all enjoy the hoop.

    12. Alessandro Scoppa 69 months ago | reply

      Seen in
      ***FLICKRPEDIA*** House of Knowledge

      ***Flickrpedia*** House of Knowledge

    13. Tony Fischer Photography 69 months ago | reply

      Thank you Alessandro!

    14. ribuck 63 months ago | reply

      Thanks for licensing your photo for re-use. I used it (with credit) to illustrate an answer to a question about "What were the playground games of the 1960s?"

      I love the movement effect!

    15. betty hoops1 61 months ago | reply

      I would like to add that it is a mere misconception that guys aren't as good at the hoop. You are only as good as your gear & since we're talking about using the hoop as an exercise tool, it is important to get a properly weighted & sized hoop for ones proportions.
      Most adults up to 6 feet & 220 pounds have been very successful with the Betty Hoop. This is about 2 pounds & has some flex to act as a shock absorber to ones rigid motion.
      The other thing to consider when hooping is your posture. We all have poor posture which translates into any activity we do. To be aware of correct posture rather than cool looking tricks, puts you at a level where you can deepen your workout & progress in body specific moves.
      Most hoopers- man or woman- hold their posture exactly as the guy in the pix above. thrusting & controlling the motion so much, that the heart space is scrunched with ribs compressed into the hips, thus minimizing mobility in the midsection. And this is the place where motion, flexibility & rhythm come from. Not just the core, but 360 degrees around the body. The hoop can bring awareness to the low back, the kidneys & sides of the spine. As it is a rotating circle rolling 360 degrees around the body, it should bring blood & oxygen flow, integration of all muscles and internal timing & awareness to every cell in that specific area.
      then you will have the foundation for a workout with integrity.
      bettyhoops.com has tons of info.

    16. betty hoops1 61 months ago | reply

      I would also like to add that Bill Hess Sr. was actually the true inventor of the hoop in the US. His friend, a PE teacher in Australia was using a hoop for kids in gym class. Bill Sr. who owned the first plastic injection molding co. in the US made hoops for his kids after he saw native americans hoop dance. And to get real correct with history, the native americans were really the first makers of the hula hoop. Richard Knerr was the first to capitalize on the idea. Anyhoo, though you folks might like to know that information given online might be a bit incorrect.

    17. bossofme 25 months ago | reply

      Fab shot! I'm reserving a space for this here: Lose Weight Now - with proper attribution of course :)

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