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Hillary Responds

In the description under my photo "Witness to History", I listed several historical events in black history leading up to the nomination of Senator Barack Obama. At an appropriate time in the future I will do a similar and listing for women's history with the best possible photo.


For now, I will state my opinion regarding Hillary's speech.


I think she has earned the right to continue to negotiate for herself and those she defines as her constituency. She will remain a historical figure in her own right and an important figure in the future of our country. For unity sake - and for her own career and reputation, she must rally strongly behind Senator Obama within the next few days.


Because her speech focused mainly on herself, her issues, her beliefs and her perceived constituency, she missed the larger picture - the need for unity in the Democratic Party with the objective of obtaining the White House for the democrats and ultimately, much needed essential change in America.


She never once mentioned that Senator Obama had already received the required number of delegates for the nomination, which is less than honest, as well.


She did not have to do much more than that...just change the emphasis, without giving up anything. She has consistently behaved in such a way as to put smaller objectives (her own defined ones) above larger (national/unity) objectives. She has been less than forthright, as well, giving the impression her own candidacy comes first, and justifying it as necessary.


For these and other reasons, she was not the best candidate for the job of President of the United States of America.


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Taken on June 2, 2008