Urban Counter Strike

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NYPD ESU Hercules @ 34th
New York City

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  1. Tony Shi Photos 76 months ago | reply

    ha David,, well it would be funny to see ESU chasing a shoplifter...

  2. Scott Hudson * 76 months ago | reply

    What the hell was going on. there. Looks like a real situation

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  3. lefty_liberated 76 months ago | reply

    Looks like the guy is standing outside macy's. This bullshit is brought to you by all the homeland security bills. They ride the subway, too...Can you imagine being stuck in a subway car with three of these guys? Once I reached in my cam to photograph one as the doors closed and he looked scared like he thought it was a gun.

  4. Tony Shi Photos 76 months ago | reply

    it's hercules operation, not a critical situation

  5. zat_asyraff 76 months ago | reply

    special unit? haha..

  6. Tony Shi Photos 76 months ago | reply

    no.. nothing too special

  7. AV8PIX Christopher Ebdon 75 months ago | reply

    Lefty you are a retard. If he was scared or thought that you had a gun, you would have known it!

    NYPD Emergency Services Unit is their SWAT/Rescue squad and these guys have some of the most comprehensive train that there is.

    The members are hand picked and are just as well versed at rappelling into an elevator shaft to pull off a rescue as they are making a high risk warrant entry. they can be using the Jaws of Life on an MVA scene, and be called to a barricaded perp the next. They are very versatile and yet do not get the accolade that they deserve.

    Tony, you photos are great tributes to these guys, some of whome died inside the WTC along side the FDNY and PAPD MOS.

  8. Tony Shi Photos 75 months ago | reply

    thanks Chris, for the kind words. there are people have arguments with machine gun in subway..anyway, I don't care it much...good photos is good for me. still viewing your photostream, they are great btw

  9. embryonicboy 74 months ago | reply

    wow, he isn't kidding is he?

  10. ๓๓๓ lเ๒єгtץ 74 months ago | reply

    looks real 2 me ....!!

  11. viatus 73 months ago | reply

    I could take him, lol just joking

  12. o.mutukuda 69 months ago | reply

    counter-terrorists win! nice shot.

  13. the man who was made of steel 68 months ago | reply

    standing, standing, watching,waiting

  14. Amran J 64 months ago | reply

    Excellent shot! Do I see sleepy eyes? lol

  15. embryonicboy 64 months ago | reply

    He must be thinking, years of training, making the grade. To be stood about all day bored! He secretly must wish some incident really!

  16. Jimsfamilyblue 64 months ago | reply

    E-man, excellent response to the moron, Lefty. I'd always like that officer around. He's a warrior, who will knowingly protect us at the risk of being maimed, disabled, disfigured or murdered. And YOU belittle him. Somebody wrote they saw "sleepy eyes," . . mess with him, or let somebody attempt to hurt you, and you'll see the eye of the tiger . .. by the way, have you ever worked 36 hours without sleep? I doubt it. As for objections to "machine guns in the subway," he is NYPD SOD, the very BEST . . . he can take his AR-15 "machine gun" anywhere I go! Read e-Man's comments again. They are so accurate. God bless the NYPD!

  17. the man who was made of steel 64 months ago | reply


    Leftie,do you even know what your talking about?

  18. Nick 999 56 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Everyday Heros, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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