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2009 is proving to be one of our best years yet with fantastic shows, matches and storylines every month. The next great show comes your way on Friday June 19th at The Monaco Ballroom for GPW: "And Justice For All.
Last month Luke Marsden returned to GPW with a special announcement, and it is the subject of this announcement that will be the main event. In efforts to prove that since his Big Brother fame he's not forgotten his roots and holds no grudges on the public who voted him out, Marsden has promised that he will not only give the winner of an over the top 10 Man Battle Royal £10k of his own money, but he has also negotiated a heavyweight title shot that same very night for the winner. In addition to the "Luke Marsden's 10 Man £10k BIG Battle Royal" we have an action packed show lined up for you and the night will also see:
GPW British Title & Battle Royal Qualification Match
"Super" Sam Bailey © vs. William Gáylord

After pinning and eliminating Sam Bailey from the Only The Strong Survive match last month, newcomer to the roster William Gáylord has earnt himself a shot at the British Title. This is the second meeting between the two after meeting in one of the best mid-card matches in the past 7 years at "Livin On The Edge". However, their first meeting was in a non title match and this time not only is the British title on the line but also a place in the evenings all important Battle Royal. For the winner of this match there is a very real chance of a first time ever meeting between the Heavyweight Champion and the British Champion. For the loser however, there will be no second chance at GPW gold on the evening. So it's all to play for in what will be another great match up between these two young performers.
One On One Kastor LeVay vs. "Dangerous" Damon Leigh

One half of Paradise Lost takes on one half of the GPW Tag Team Champions, The Young Offenders in an issue that is far from settled between all four of these men. It was LeVay who cost DDL the win last month at Only The Strong Survive as the already eliminated LeVay ran back into the ring and broke up a sure 3 count after a bloodied and bruised DDL hit the Risk Factor on Heresy in the closing stages of the Main Event clash. It was LeVay's partner Heresy who was eventually victorious as a result and now DDL is out for revenge as he challenges LeVay to a one on one match. With still not much known
about the man Heresy says he "found in the bowels of hell", a first time singles outing for LeVay will be interesting to see. A lot of bad blood in this one, who will come out on top and get the win for their respective team?
One On One II Joey Hayes vs. Heresy

The other two halves of Paradise Lost and The Young Offenders will also do battle in singles competition at "And Justice For All". A huge amount of history between both these men dating back to the very beginnings of Garage Pro Wrestling, throughout the SIN days, over the British Title and now the Tag Trophy but there has only ever been one singles match in a GPW ring between them. Heresy was victorious in that meeting and was victorious last month as the Last Man Standing at Only The Strong Survive. Who will reign victorious this time? Whoever comes out with the win will gain a massive psychological advantage in the fight over the GPW Tag Trophy.

Battle Royal Qualification Match Jack Toxic w/ Alan A.A Tasker vs. Bubblegumt
It'll be an uphill struggle for GPW fan favourite Bubblegum to regain the title he lost to Juggernaut 2 months ago. The former Heavyweight Champ is faced with the prospect of not only going through 9 others in the Battle Royal to get a re-match, but they'll be one extra man standing in his way as he has to qualify for the Battle Royal earlier in the night in a singles match. His opponent in the qualifier is one half of Alan Alan Alan Tasker's Lethal Dose team - Jack Toxic. A former CC8 finalist, Toxic has proven on several occasions that he is both a competent singles and tag wrestler and will fancy his chances in this match. With a proven record in Battle Royals and Rumbles, Toxic will stand a good chance if he can overcome one of his biggest adversaries yet. But who will get the win and qualify for the Battle Royal later in the evening
Luke Marsden 10 Man £10,000 BIG Battle Royal
Along with the already qualified Martin Kirby, 7 further names have been selected from the roster by Luke Marsden to take part in this unique match. The winner of the Battle Royal will not only receive £10k of Marsden's own money, but an immediate title shot right after the Battle Royal. One of the lucky below names could be leaving the Ballroom £10k better off AND have the Heavyweight title round their waist.
The announced names are:

1. Kirby

2. McKenzie

3. Hope

4. Juice

5. Valour

6. Feelgood

7. Walker

8. Echo

9. Bailey / Gáylord

10. Toxic / Bubblegum

Martin Kirby Kirby was the first person to qualify for the 10 Man £10k Battle Royal last month in a MOTN contest against "Hurricane" John Walters.

Could the newcomer to the roster bag the cash and in turn get his first ever title shot?

9 other men say no. Ricky J. McKenzie RJM, in his rookie year has already whipped up a storm on the roster after a superb debut and having beaten 3 others in a wonderful 4-way to win the Miss North West Invitational, he has also mixed it up with veteran Dirk Feelgood pinning and eliminating him from the Only The Strong Survive match last month.

A cheque for £10k would mean the world to the young man from a broken home and a title round his waist would look great with Miss Northwest on his arm.
Danny Hope is no stranger to GPW gold having held the GPW Tag Team Trophy for a record 18 months as one half of the Mil-Anfield Connection. Since breaking away from his former tag partner, Jiggy Walker; Hope has been embraced by the GPW faithful and he has excelled in singles performance. The new crowd favourite will no doubt be cheered on once again as the £10k and the heavyweight title are in touching distance.

Juice Singles gold has evaded Juice so far. His attempts to become British Champion ended in a draw at SlamJam with Sam Bailey but he now has a second chance at singles gold if he succeeds in the Battle Royal. Having been the sole survivor at Only The Strong Survive last month as well as being the reigning CC8 tournament champion, Juice has all the credentials to win this and go onto face Juggernaut immediately after.

Si Valour Valour has vowed 2009 will see him win gold in GPW. Having missed out on both the British Title No.1 Contendership and in the Miss Northwest Invitational earlier in the year, Valour hungers for the recognition that a title will bring him. He'll have no better chance than in this Battle Royal to get his hands on the biggest prize of them all, along with £10k.

Dirk Feelgood Dirk Feelgood is the only announced name in the Battle Royal to have held the Heavyweight Championship before. The wiley veteran has had his sights on regaining the title he lost almost 2 years ago for some time and with a wealth of experience to call upon, this match is the perfect opportunity to get a shot at the gold. Jiggy Walker Unorthodox hooligan, Jiggy Walker enters the Battle Royal looking for his first singles title in GPW. Walker has had the better of his former tag team partner Danny Hope of recent months, having beaten him at SlamJam in April and guiding his team to a win over Hope's team last month at Only The Strong Survive. Can Walker continue his momentum in this match?

Chris Echo The hugely popular Chris Echo has to be considered something of a favourite to win this. The large ever present Echo fanbase will remember that it was only last year when Echo pinned Juggernaut in a one on one match. I'm sure Echo himself has recalled this too. A CC8 final proves that he has the staying power to do well in this match and history proves he has the better of the reigning Champ. Will it be Echo facing Juggernaut at the end of the night? "Super" Sam Bailey / William Gáylord Whoever wins in their match earlier in the night will enter the Battle Royal as British Champion and have a 1 in 10 chance of giving fans a first ever title vs. title main event. But who will make it to the Battle Royal as champ?

Jack Toxic / Bubblegum Huge connotations for whoever comes out on top of this qualifier. Will it be Bubblegum who makes it two former Heavyweight Champions in the Battle Royal and where he can finally get a chance of a re-match against the man who beat him for the title. Or can Toxic gain a memorable win and go onto ensure that the main event for the night will be an all Tasker stable affair. GPW Heavyweight Title Match Juggernaut © w/ Alan A.A Tasker vs. The Winner of The Battle Royal It could be any 10 of the names. Who could it be? This is a real test for the new GPW Heavyweight Champion as there is no way to prepare for his opponent. This will also be his first defence as champion, could it be his last?

Tickets for the GPW: "And Justice For All" event are available for £7 per person or £24 for a family of 4. The doors will open at 7pm and the show will get underway for 7:30pm. To reserve your tickets and beat the queues simply e-mail your party's lead name to Group discounts available.

The show will be held at The Monaco Ballroom, Atherton Road, Hindley, Wigan WN2 3EU Will there be Justice For All?? There's only one way to find out!! Be there on June 19th to see for yourself. Don't miss out on another groundbreaking GPW show!

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