passionflower tendrils

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    snapped today while sneaking around the university of washington greenhouse... lots of cool stuff to see there

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    1. quas ages ago | reply

      That is a very cool plant. (Tom is right on!)

    2. sergio orrao [deleted] ages ago | reply

      gorgeous passiflora, as always!

    3. hurleygurley ages ago | reply

      very nice. i'm jealous of those colors. we don't have the textured, spotted variety. I love the way those, uh, tendrils(?) the blue spotted legs curl up at the end. Putting up macro flowers and plants and bugs is an important honor to such beautiful small things.

    4. shelteringskies ages ago | reply

      I know the unwilling obsession...I want to be original, but these flower macros draw me in...I am about to post more ...if you get a chance to look.

      The mushrooms are a very original departure, btw.


    5. MaKeR i ages ago | reply

      Gorgeous. The shape reminds me of a jellyfish, only this one is floating in . . .

    6. bgnarly ages ago | reply

      wonderful, i didnt know flowers could be so beautiful. im with tom as well, it gives me that nice/weird/confused feeling that only a great picture can give you.

    7. L8o ages ago | reply

      ..nicely done. i call these 'the alien plant' when chatting with non-plant people; they know exactly which one i mean..

    8. Monster. ages ago | reply

      Great colour and composition, lovely photo.

    9. cobalt123 119 months ago | reply

      So wonderous! I just did a tag search on passionflower, which is how I found the Passionflower group, which is how I found this beauty. Thanks for sharing.

    10. pureashoney2u 116 months ago | reply

      Wow I love that pic! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful, breathe taking photo!

    11. Freddy175 116 months ago | reply

      excelent foto. nice colour

    12. flection 114 months ago | reply

      Amazing pic!:)

    13. Tobie2 101 months ago | reply


      Please come post your very favorite photo...All are welcome

    14. melcir.meri 98 months ago | reply

      You may not be aware of it, but there seems to be a growing cult of the passion flower for its odd, quirky looks ... The humorists seem all to associate it with UFOs and aliens.
      In my curiosity to find the earliest flickr mention of the flower in terms of alien-ness, I have landed on your delightful photo here as first of these observations!!! -- I think the word must have travelled by telepathic osmosis among passiflora fanciers ...
      Here's a handful of fellow off-world passiflora observants to survey, at your leisure!! -- Great mirth ahead ...
      05 Sept 2004 - passionflower tendrils -
      30 October 2004 - alien flower -
      12 January 2005 - my passion flower -
      31 July 2005 - feed me..symore..feed me... -
      08 August 2005 - Passion Vine Flower 2 -
      23 August 2005 - alien beauty -
      26 August 2005 - august2502 -
      15 October 2005 - Red Alien -
      09 April 2006 - More of the passion flower -
      31 May 2006 - The aliens have landed -
      14 July 2006 - alien flower in the evening -
      15 July 2006 - Alien flower in the morning -
      28 July 2006 - invasion II -
      29 July 2006 - alien ship -
      29 July 2006 - eXtraordinarily eXotic -
      16 Aug 2006 - alien listening post -
      31 Aug 2006 - ET Alien Plant -
      18 Sept 2006 - Alien passion -
      22 Sept 2006 - Alien Flower -
      I didn't map them all of course ... There are others!! -- Whatever are these funny flowers doing to us all? -- We love it. - Mel

    15. alieneyesation 82 months ago | reply

      Wow!! Incredible capture....;o)

    16. Austin T. 78 months ago | reply

      Congratulations! You have been requested to join
      MACRO ~Nature's Gifts

    17. fghfhnf 64 months ago | reply

      that's great~

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