Obey Obama?

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    Saw these nice looking posters downtown and wonder if Shepard Fairy isn't responsible. Obama is definitely winning on the graphic design front.

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    1. PEEL 103 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Obama Street Art, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    2. Dylan J'et [deleted] 97 months ago | reply



    3. fabfunkydiva 97 months ago | reply

      I love it! Obama rocks!

    4. thespark17 97 months ago | reply

      I really wish someone could explain to me how vandalism and the defacement of public (or private) property is supposed to help someone get elected. Whenever I see these things I lose a little more respect for Obama supporters. This may ring well with vandals and ignorant artsy types, but to the average person this shows a complete lack of respect by Obama supporters. It seperates you from the mainstream, it screams "We're radicals!" to the very people you're trying to persuade. The public has to pay to take these things down and restore public property, it's taking continual small steps to make our communities the ghettos that Obama says he wants to bring people out of. I'm a 21 y/o male living in leftist Seattle, if I feel this way, how must other people feel?

    5. litherland 97 months ago | reply

      I'm a forty-something graphic designer living in New York, and I think that cities would be unbelievably boring and sterile without stuff like this. If I felt the way you (above) feel, I think I would join the Republican party and move into a gated community.

      I much prefer the unpredictable accretions and polyphony of an environment where street art abounds.

    6. thespark17 97 months ago | reply

      As a graphic designer, I think you fall well into the category of "artsy types" (though I wouldn't call you ignorant, I was speaking generally at the time) I discussed in my previous comment. Becuase of that, I can understand your enjoyment of street "art". As a musician, I would love to be able to walk around and have bands performing on the street everywhere I went. The problem, though, is that neither of these things is legal, and the public shouldn't have to deal with the constant barage of sound that this would produce. Street "art" as you've called it, though, is particularly frustrating for anyone who doesn't enjoy this type of thing because, on top of being illegal, it also has to be removed, which costs the public money. I would venture (fairly safely I believe) to say that any illegal activity is inappropriate in supporting a candidate for public office; their job is to uphold the very law that you are breaking in an attempt to support them.
      If you want to support Obama, great, do it on yourself and your property, be a walking billboard, no one can complain. You wouldn't support someone putting their political preference on your property without permission, so don't do it to others or to the public at large. It's really quite simple.

    7. just.Luc 95 months ago | reply

      Iconic !! Fingers crossed !

    8. Tropical F i r n 95 months ago | reply

      nice perspective and colors!

    9. JDeeBella 95 months ago | reply

      took your shot for blogging about Obama, credit to you. :)

    10. Jon Apostol 95 months ago | reply

      SPOT ON Mr. Crummy! Here's to the Kool-Aid drinking, everything's hunky dory now that the Lord Obama aka "The One" aka "the savior" is Presidente Elect lemmings!

      Here's an interesting piece on who backed the various candidates:

    11. Hell's Attik 95 months ago | reply

      Here's an article from Tom Friedman of the New York Times, it's worth a read: www.nytimes.com/2008/11/09/opinion/09friedman.html?_r=2&a... me the money&st=cse&oref=slogin&oref=slogin

    12. Anders.Dahl 93 months ago | reply

      Love the poster!

    13. fivedollarones 93 months ago | reply

      Hope is just an excuse for doing nothing.

      Obama is a joke and so was his fluff filled "hope" and "change" bullshit filled campaign.

      I feel sorry for anyone who gave it to his campaign slogans.

    14. fabfunkydiva 93 months ago | reply

      why be negative? can the guy get sworn in already? geez!!

    15. fivedollarones 93 months ago | reply

      Right.... and i'm sure all of you Obama supporters have never said anything bad about Bush....

    16. fabfunkydiva 93 months ago | reply

      well...i know i have....but i gave bush a chance to screw up...and he delivered royally.

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