latte art mosaic at Vivace

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    The new Vivace across from REI opened yesterday... had a nice doppio from Kyle J and took a bunch of pics... if I have some free time later tonight I'll try and blog about it.

    UPDATE - blog'd it:

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    1. fotografik ages ago | reply

      Neat mosaic.

    2. suttonhoo ages ago | reply

      I miss vivace...

    3. deadprogrammer ages ago | reply

      Oh, that is sharp.

    4. el shack del hombre ages ago | reply

      good enouph to drink.

    5. Jeff Carlson ages ago | reply

      I need to get over there. In the meantime... I can't get a sense of scale. Is this mosaic on the floor? Is it big, small? That's beautiful work.

    6. Bright Vibes ages ago | reply

      Wow - amazing. Very pretty.

    7. Andy Ciordia ages ago | reply

      Always love their mosaics.

    8. ah conrad ages ago | reply

      that's frickin awesome! why is noone else sounding retardedly impressed by that? do you guys see this all the time? it's a MOSAIC... of LATTE ART! it's so original i could cuss.

    9. Rob Gruhl ages ago | reply

      I would love to see an iconic rosetta become the symbol of well-done latte's. Like a quality brand on the door of only those coffee shops that serve coffee with latte art. My understanding is you need a rich crema and well steamed milk. Tonx - can you do latte art without at least making decent coffee? Very cool picture! Is this new store near the downtown REI mothership?

    10. Spinnaker007 ages ago | reply


    11. tonx ages ago | reply

      Jeff -
      the mosaics are maybe just over 3 feet in diameter.

      Rob -
      unfortunately you can do latte art without also doing good coffee, though I think its rare to find baristas that do it exceptionally well who are not also skilled at espresso. There are some cafes out there though that focus more on presentation than quality.

    12. starrtraxx ages ago | reply

      Amazing stuff... I see a big future for these guys...

    13. LarryB ages ago | reply

      The wild thing is that in the thumbnail, it almost looks like the real thing and not a mosaic.

      Now I've got someplace to go (and spend money) and contemplate how much money I've just spent at REI.

    14. kc foto 117 months ago | reply

      reminds me of home. thanks~

    15. sonyaseattle 103 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Mosaics, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
      Especially because you're from my home town! :)

    16. Mo' Belle 91 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      Winning photos are displayed at A Nice Cuppa. Join us in our love of all things COFFEE!

    17. Erick Bhelenk 60 months ago | reply

      so nice to see... and so nice to made...

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