Flowers of Norway
You can find several plants along the coast that don’t exist in the inland, examples are English Yew/ barlind (Taxus baccata), common holly/ kristtorn (Ilex aquifolium), common ivy/ bergflette (Hedera helix), foxglove/ revebjelle (Digitalis purpurea) and cross- leaved heath/ klokkelyng (Erica tetralix). Some plants that don’t like coastal areas are German tamarisk/ klåved ( Myricaria germanica), spring pasqueflower/ mogop (Pulsatilla vernalis) and February daphne/ tysbast (Daphne mezereum).

Subboreal decidiouc forest is found only in the lowland in the southern coastal areas of Norway. Many places where we today find cultural landscapes would have been vegetated by deciduous forests if climate alone were shaping the area. Some characteristic tree species of such forests are oak/ eik (Quercus.), maple/ lønn (Acer), elm/ alm (Ulmus), ash/ ask (Fraxinus), alder/ svartor (Alnus Glutinosa) and hazel/ hassel (Corylus).

Mountains and northern areas
In the high alpine landscape, mosses and lichen dominate, but wild flowers such as trailing azealea/ grepplyng (Kalmia procumbens)

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