The City of Roses - Molde
If you ask Norwegians about Molde, many will answer that it is the City of Roses. The City of Roses is a 100-year-old description based on the city’s many blooming, lush rose gardens. The description was initially used in 1913 as the city brand in international marketing. An English tourist brochure for a cruise company describes Molde as “the city of roses”. To this day, all tourist ships arriving Molde are welcomed with a bouquet of roses

From mid June onwards and throughout August, Molde abound in fragrant, blooming roses. Along the main street Storgata there is a beautiful avenue of Paul’s Scarlet Hawthorns, and several roses have been planted by the shops. The town’s largest collection of roses is to be found at the Town Hall roof, but the magnificent roses in the Alexandra Park is also worth your time.

At the Town Hall Square in the “Town of Roses” stands the bronze statue “Rosepiken”, surrounded by a dancing fountain. The sculpture was a gift to Molde in 1971 from Gotlib Moe.

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