Messier 30 – Globular Cluster in the Constellation Capricornus

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M30 (NGC 7099) is a bright globular cluster located in the southern constellation Capricornus. M30 is about 27,000 light-years from the Earth. I read an abstract titled “Accreted versus In Situ Milky Way Globular Clusters” by Duncan A. Forbes and Terry Bridges (January 2010) in which M30 is listed as a candidate globular cluster that was stolen from another galaxy at some point in time. The term “accreted” means “come or bring together under the influence of gravitation.”

Tech Specs: Sky-Watcher Esprit 120mm ED Triplet APO Refractor, Celestron CGEM-DX mount, Canon 6D stock camera, ISO 3200, 16 x 60 second exposures with dark/bias frames, guided using a ZWO ASI290MC and Orion 60mm guide scope. Image date: October 13, 2018. Location: The Dark Side Observatory, Weatherly, PA, USA.

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    Hello, this is the blind astrometry solver. Your results are:
    (RA, Dec) center: (325.069450875, -23.1889205407) degrees
    Orientation: 0.965714719779 deg E of N
    Pixel scale: 1.57130213215 arcsec/pixel

    Your field contains:
    Abell 963
    NGC 7103
    NGC 7104
    IC 5124
    IC 1393
    HD 206179
    HD 206147
    HD 205753
    HD 205752
    HD 206357
    HD 206035
    HD 205817
    HD 206107
    HD 205831
    HD 206034
    HD 206356
    HD 205928
    HD 205738
    HD 205723
    HD 205927
    HD 206178
    NGC 7099

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    If you would like to have other images solved, please submit them to the astrometry group.

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