Mercedes' new tattoo - Gaiman quote

Mercedes, 21, got a new tattoo, her third. That I know of. It's a saying, on her forearm. Sigh.


Personally, I took this photo for the same reason people took photos of the Hindenberg blowing up. I know I am conservative in my dress and appearance, but....what's wrong with a little heart on your shoulder blade? Or a bunny on your ankle? Did it have to be a huge saying on your forearm? Is that permanent?


The tattoo artist forgot a comma. Oops. Hopefully he gets the next one right.


My wife assures me that she sees people with tattoos at work, and Mercedes says what helped her decide it was okay was seeing a doctor with tattoos. Who knew doctors had a responsibility as role models?


I don't know any CEO's with tattoos. I'm just saying. Not that being a CEO is necessarily good, but why do something that will limit your choices later in life?


At least it's a pretty cool saying. From a good book. But...why so BIG? And why THERE?

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Taken on December 6, 2008