Mercedes' new tattoo - Gaiman quote

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    Mercedes, 21, got a new tattoo, her third. That I know of. It's a saying, on her forearm. Sigh.

    Personally, I took this photo for the same reason people took photos of the Hindenberg blowing up. I know I am conservative in my dress and appearance, but....what's wrong with a little heart on your shoulder blade? Or a bunny on your ankle? Did it have to be a huge saying on your forearm? Is that permanent?

    The tattoo artist forgot a comma. Oops. Hopefully he gets the next one right.

    My wife assures me that she sees people with tattoos at work, and Mercedes says what helped her decide it was okay was seeing a doctor with tattoos. Who knew doctors had a responsibility as role models?

    I don't know any CEO's with tattoos. I'm just saying. Not that being a CEO is necessarily good, but why do something that will limit your choices later in life?

    At least it's a pretty cool saying. From a good book. But...why so BIG? And why THERE?

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    1. David Douthitt 76 months ago | reply

      I understand there are indeed a number of CEOs with tattoos - but I agree about long sleeves.

      Personally, I find the typeface to be a bit offputting - but that's just me.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    2. tonyadcockphotos 76 months ago | reply

      I know doctors that smoke, does that make it ok? just a painful lesson in growing up, and a permanent one at that. my girls are 10 and 12, thanks for the sleepless night, Tom

    3. rluck1921 [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

      Rule of thumb, never get ink that short sleaves or boxer shorts won't cover. Will she feel the same when she has kids? Other than that, good saying, terrible artist.

    4. schapitz 76 months ago | reply

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    5. thevid 76 months ago | reply

      Oh man..I don't know what to say.

    6. rivadock4 75 months ago | reply

      I'm with you on the tattooing. My daughter is afraid of needles....

    7. jaygibby 75 months ago | reply

      Nice tat!!!

    8. Lake Li Sun 74 months ago | reply

      Cool pic'...and I really like your take on this. :)

      Good luck! :)

    9. gmr2048 70 months ago | reply

      "I don't know any CEO's with tattoos"

      Actually, you probably don't know if you know any CEOs with tattoos. Tatts placed strategically allow you to cover them up and look like a CEO when you want to look like a CEO, and show off your art when you want to show off your art. Thankfully, this one will be easily hidden by long sleeve shirts (if she chooses).

    10. TomFlikrPhotos 70 months ago | reply

      Curlie haired cutie - you judge me to be judgemental? You may be right - I am no judge of these things.

      Sadly, in corporate America, appearances matter. The world is just that superficial. Isn't it sad? If you want to be a CEO - that's IF you want to be a CEO, and I'm not saying everyone should want to be a CEO but IF you want to be a CEO, you should not dye your hair green. Is all I'm saying.

    11. David Douthitt 68 months ago | reply

      If you want to be a CEO, you shouldn't wear a ponytail either. Do you know any CEOs with ponytails? Nah... thought not.

      Oh, wait - there's Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems.

      And then there is the (now) tattooed CEO of Discover Magazine.
      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    12. parrotthead03 66 months ago | reply

      Good call, Tom! Nothing is more expensive than regret.

    13. DetachedReality 65 months ago | reply

      Why care. Why do you put so much emphasis on the person's appearance. Can't you look past someones exterior and into their mind, and soul. Gosh. I find it frustrating to hear you talk like this. Who cares about tattoos. If a person works hard, does a good job, and actually knows what the heck they are doing then i don't care if they tattoo loser on their forhead. Its their body, and I have no right to tell them what to tattoo on it. Hope you never end up in the hospital. You may see a lot of ink on the people who really know whats wrong with you.

    14. Precious Roy 65 months ago | reply

      the people who judge others for having tattoos are going to die out. it's comical to me what people's reactions to tattoos are --- especially toward people with tattoos that aren't vulgar, violent, or hateful. what's the harm? we're all here for a short amount of time, is this worth worrying about?

      i know there are many, many CEO-types with tattoos. in fact i've met someone pretty high up at microsoft that has full sleeves. spend your energy worrying about if she's a good person making the world a better place for other people, not how she chooses to dress or mark herself. that's just my advice (as a tattooed daughter).

    15. ladyaslan_2000 62 months ago | reply

      OK...I just had to comment on this little gem. For starters a great deal of people from all walks of life have tattoos now. This is 2010 not 1910, you must be of the over 40 group or a very conservative person. You are entitled to your opinion about said tattoo on a “21” year old lady; however opinions are like assholes, we all have one and here is mine: a tattoo doesn't ruin one’s life nor does it make them any less capable for a job of a higher level than say a french fry cook. I am a college educated woman, 35, work in banking and I have 8 tattoos and I am also a published writer. Some of my tattoos you can see and some you can't. My resume and my attitude ALWAYS over shadowed my tattoo(s) AND nose piercing. I have NEVER had an issue obtaining a job nor gaining the respect that I deserve and a paycheck that goes along with it. Its ignorant people like you that keep "stereotyping" alive and tattooed people have a saying....the only difference between a tattooed person and non tattooed person is that we DON'T GIVE A SHIT you don't have a tattoo~

    16. striped.clouds.visuals 62 months ago | reply

      I'd have a lot of things to say, being tattoed and definitely open minded about the topic.
      Anyway i'm pretty sure except for hands, neck and face tattoos there is really no problem in finding any kind of job.
      And talking by first hand, there are certain industries where having plenty of tattoos is almost a plus even for CEO and managers. sounds weird, but that's the truth. I know personally high level managers from boardsports industry with full sleeves and neck tattoos, economic degree and big annual incomes.
      So don't complain about this girl's tattoo, no one really care anymore

    17. bluefairy63 58 months ago | reply

      Hey, is anyone else noticing the irony here? Personally I try not to judge anyone.......especially over things like appearance/tattoos, etc., but I'm noticing that a lot of people who are voicing the loudest over being judged because of their tattoos are grouping people who don't like tattoos into the same "over 40" category! What makes you think that so many people over 40 aren't tattooed or don't like them?? Isn't THAT stereotyping an entire group of people?? :p

    18. chedderfish 57 months ago | reply

      Haha. Well. I'll say upfront I've got 10 including my forearms with a large set of words on them. I know they aren't for everyone and I do cover them up with professional outfits because I work for a pretty conservative (even Conservative Jews actually) in Washington DC. My bosses really appreciate my work ethics and talents and I'm fortunate enough for that.

      In person I've only had one negative reaction in public and it was from a maybe 20 year old ish guy.

      Also, My husband is a professional wedding photographer in DC. He also has never really been question or shown any of his full sleeve at any of the conservative weddings he's been to. He's been hired by 23 year old couples because of his magnificent photos only to be told once they've met that he can't possibly be right or do a good job because he's too young (he's 26) and they've asked to switch photographers.

      My parents are the same as you Tom- They don't really like what I'm doing but they aren't going to disown me or anything. They still love me and are happy I'm happy. I do agree, it may be difficult for her to find a job because not everyone is as accepting as you. (Thank you for that)

      Also, I did just get a second job at IKEA which I'm very happy to say is a tattoo friendly environment.

      And just to toss in my opinion about the actual tattoo, I like the script but agree that's a little rough to read. Also, It's not just the artist that missed the apostrophe- Mercede's would have had to provide the quote and had the artist write it out and seen the trace on her arm/ sketch and had to approve that unless the artist did it free hand and even then Mercedes would have seen them doing it/ after it was done and had it corrected. Actually one other thing that should kind of be considered is the letters that are capitalized- that "a" looks really out of place considering of and it are capitalized. Is it a direct line out of the book as in an illustration of the phrase or the author doesn't like grammar which may be part of it all anyway.

    19. varthlukker 56 months ago | reply

      i have gotten more tattoos in six months than most get in life trust me when i say this yes people look at tattoos, but the tattoos are for the bearer. everyone elses thoughts dont matter i promise. next im a veteran i still have people of all walks thank me and greet me with smiles even though im COVERED in in so ink doesnt matter if the person under shows their qualities

    20. bluefairy63 55 months ago | reply

      Hey SPUN, thanks but actually I was referring to the comment by ladyaslan who herself made a comment about the person who apparently didn't care for the tattoo.......and ladyaslan made the shrewd deduction that "you must be of the over 40 group"! And you can tell this person is over I just hate this kind of snap judgement....and it's often made by people who are themselves ranting about being judged......LOL! Hey man, give us "over 40 group" a break! ;)

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