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El Don Motel, Albuquerque - sRGB Color Space version

This was a tough one to work from because my darkest exposure was not dark enough, and I had left the image stabilizer on even though I was using a tripod. That meant that each exposure moved just a tiny bit relative to the last. And besides; it was too late at night; this beauty needs to be shot at the blue hour!


Lame excuses aside, here it is: this version was converted from the 16 bit ProPhoto editing space I work in to an 8 bit JPEG in web standard sRGB.


If you have a color managed browser (Firefox and Safari are the only two which get it right by default) and a wide gamut monitor then you will see that the reds and blues are muted compared to their ProPhoto counterpart.


I see the difference easily; and since the gamut of my printer actually exceeds the gamut of my monitor one can understand why I archive my final edits as 16 bit ProPhoto color space TIFFs: Anything less would be throwing away image quality. sRGB is a lowest common denominator color space invented to complement the capabilities of a low priced CRT monitor circa 1996. Meaning, you could get a decent color reproduction even without calibrating and without a color managed workflow. That was a step forward for 1996. But the world has moved on!


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Taken on December 25, 2011