Boss 429 @ the parents' house prior to driving it to Springfield, MO to appear in an open air car show

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    Had to shoot it in context of my car and dad's trucks to make sure I really believed Harold had just handed me his priceless car for a trip to a car show and back!

    What you are seeing is a rolling history museum. Ford made 499 1970 Boss 429s and this one had less than 20,000 on the odometer at the time these shots were made. Harold Fugate (Fugate Motors of El Dorado Springs) was the car's owner and he used to let me take this priceless car out and drive it most every time I hit town. He eventually sold the car for enough cash to put his daughter all the way through a private college!

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    1. Terry G Alexander 41 months ago | reply

      Awesome car and story.

    2. jroadie1 41 months ago | reply


    3. PatT&5 41 months ago | reply

      Oh my.... road trip!!!!!

    4. john4kc 41 months ago | reply

      What a beauty! Grabber Green to boot! You were a lucky guy!

    5. catfairydust 41 months ago | reply

      MY DREAM CAR! That no one in my family would allow me to have.

    6. Lynne's Lens 41 months ago | reply

      What a beauty!

    7. mojavegirl 41 months ago | reply

      What a joy that must have been!

    8. Wise Old Man 41 months ago | reply

      Cool photo and car. I can smell the burning rubber right now. In largest size, I can open the door and drive off....with smokin' tires, of course.

    9. dv over dt 41 months ago | reply

      Thanks Terry...I knew even as it was happening I was living out a dream...that's why the picture!

      The car was already old enough for its own drivers license when this shot was made...and it still smelled like a new car inside!

      Harold had promised the president of Springfield's MCA chapter that he'd have his car there. He then called me down in Dallas asking if I was planning on coming home that weekend. After hearing the story my reply was "I am now!"

      His car was warmed over a bit; custom Lunati camshaft, new old stock headers, giant MSD ignition.....with 3.91 gears the car would get sideways in all four gears AND you could watch the gas gauge plummetting through E

      Even then I knew to treat the car like a rolling piece of real estate....turns out I was not far off!

      For me it was all about $$$. I had none! And luxury Detroid sleds were I kept the motorcycles and used the giant 1975 T-Bird on rainy days

      Would it not look sweet in the car port of a 195x LA Study home?

      Check out the tale of diving it up above in the thread.....It wanted to cruise at 90 and I kept thinking about deer in the road and slowing back down to 50!

    10. dv over dt 41 months ago | reply

      Walter, we did indeed stage a burnout and recorded it on S-VHS tape. Guess how many working S-VHS machines I now own? Zilch. 80s tech sucked out loud.

      Anyway, the owner of the car told me how to do it: Put it in third gear, revs to 5000, dump the clutch and floor it! I did as told and when I released the clutch the rpms never dropped...the car lit the tires up and smoked them for over a city block! In 1986 cars just didn't do that anymore....of course now with traction control and all wheel drive and better tires, the cars just hook up and go...time moves on. But there will never be another Boss 429. I just checked the web, these cars are trading owners at $350,000 now......ouch!

    11. dv over dt 41 months ago | reply

      Not a Boss 429 and not a '70 Mustang....this was my $300 ex Hwy Patrol car that I bought to do the engine swap into my '72 Mach 1. It was a 429 of the Police Interceptor variety...think Blues Brothers only with a Mercury instead of a Dodge :D

    12. Nick Leonard 41 months ago | reply

      I've just done a crapload of old car shots with your Canon T70 as of late...when you photograph something new, they really begin to stand out and you wonder why you passed them by before!

    13. dv over dt 41 months ago | reply

      This is what we did out in the sticks after all the cows were tipped over :D

      YOUR T70 now! There is always something new to point the camera at isn't there? Thomas Hawk, whose work I have praised before, is the master of the closeup detail shot of a small area of a really looks neat, my description does not do it or him justice.

    14. AppleCrypt 41 months ago | reply

      Wow. This is my kinda car. They sure don't make em like this anymore :/

    15. dv over dt 41 months ago | reply

      Steve, that is the understatement of the new millennium: this particular car one could almost say they didn't make them like that even when they were making them like that: 499 were built to kick the Mopar hemi out of the Nascar crown....and BTW they did just that. This car basically has a hand built slightly detuned racing engine in a hand modified Mustang chassis. They are now trading north of $300,000!

      Harold (the owner) always told me there would come a day when I had to choose between a house and his Boss 429..........he was right....but I like my house :)

    16. dv over dt 41 months ago | reply

      Just go to the full size version of this picture; there is the logo on the decklid which has been on every single new vehicle every purchased by me since my first in 1985....find a good thing and stick with it! My parents traded with both Harold and his dad before him, all the way back to 1966: a giant 390 cubic inch LTD with the reverb in the trunk that used springs for a delay line....every time dad hit a bump....BOING!

    17. Latvian98 36 months ago | reply

      Awesome ride!

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