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Noctilux:repaired in Saigon

So this is the story......


March 17th, 2009, first night in Saigon, I noticed that the Mount part of my Noctilux Lens was getting losen as there were 2 screws dropped off and lost, and the rest of the 3 screw was almost getting off, so I couldn't focus correctly with this lens anymore.


Next morning on March 18th, I decided to ask the Hotel concierge for a micro screwdriver. They didn't have any clue about such a small screwdriver, so they introduced me to one of the local Photo shop, so I walked down to the given address, and ,the Owner of the shop(ABC Photo) in 81 An Duong Vuong St., Dist. 5) was a very kind gentleman who also spoke a beautiful english, and told me that I should bring my lens to the best repair shop which he let his own equipment to get repaired all the time.


This gentleman called one of his young assistant boy and told him to give me a ride on his back of the bike. That was my first experience to have a Bike Ride in Saigon, and I was there at the "Best Repair Shop in Saigon" in 10 minutes!


The repair person worked on it immidiately, also found the same screw that fits to the missing holes, and my Noctilux was resurrected in another 10 minutes. They didn't even try to charge me for the repair labor, but I told them I would have to pay, so they offered me 50,000 dongs......which was just less than 3 US$!

Yes, it's just a screwing and filling the missing screw job, but I knew it would cost me at least 50US$ or maybe more than 100US$ if I asked the same thing in Japan, simply because it's a "Leica" lens.


It was the one of the happiest moment for me to touch the kindness of the people, and I had no idea that this lens will disappear from me in the next 20 hours.......


This is what happened on my Noctilux.(Read the description on that photo)

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Taken on March 26, 2009