• this part was coming off from the Lens Barrel....so he is screwing it tighttly.

Noctilux:repaired in Saigon

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So this is the story......

March 17th, 2009, first night in Saigon, I noticed that the Mount part of my Noctilux Lens was getting losen as there were 2 screws dropped off and lost, and the rest of the 3 screw was almost getting off, so I couldn't focus correctly with this lens anymore.

Next morning on March 18th, I decided to ask the Hotel concierge for a micro screwdriver. They didn't have any clue about such a small screwdriver, so they introduced me to one of the local Photo shop, so I walked down to the given address, and ,the Owner of the shop(ABC Photo) in 81 An Duong Vuong St., Dist. 5) was a very kind gentleman who also spoke a beautiful english, and told me that I should bring my lens to the best repair shop which he let his own equipment to get repaired all the time.

This gentleman called one of his young assistant boy and told him to give me a ride on his back of the bike. That was my first experience to have a Bike Ride in Saigon, and I was there at the "Best Repair Shop in Saigon" in 10 minutes!

The repair person worked on it immidiately, also found the same screw that fits to the missing holes, and my Noctilux was resurrected in another 10 minutes. They didn't even try to charge me for the repair labor, but I told them I would have to pay, so they offered me 50,000 dongs......which was just less than 3 US$!
Yes, it's just a screwing and filling the missing screw job, but I knew it would cost me at least 50US$ or maybe more than 100US$ if I asked the same thing in Japan, simply because it's a "Leica" lens.

It was the one of the happiest moment for me to touch the kindness of the people, and I had no idea that this lens will disappear from me in the next 20 hours.......

This is what happened on my Noctilux.(Read the description on that photo)

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  1. jaxting 72 months ago | reply

    For sure they won't delay a flight just so someone could snag it.. that would be crazy wouldn't it? lol!.. I hope your memory of Vietnam is still a sweet one.. Someone at Leica should've given you a Noctilux long time ago..I think you've boosted the sales of that product by a few margin.. Cheers!

  2. : f o r r e s t : 72 months ago | reply

    >> "boosted the sales of that product by a few margin"
    quite agree LOL :D

  3. Kal Khogali Photography 72 months ago | reply

    Jaxting is right...you made me look at a Hexar RF and Noct....but then I realised it was the eye that mattered ;-)K

  4. Nam Quan 72 months ago | reply

    Thanks a lot for such a story Mr. Tommy, now I think I have a reliable place to stop by for repairing my stuff, just in case. But do you have the exact address of that place?

    By the way, I'm Nam, a fan of your photos, I knew you a week ago through Chi Huyen Mai and Christian Berg, my very nice friends here in Saigon. Also, I'm an apprentice in photography.

    I really look forward to seeing you in Saigon :)

    best wishes,


  5. hurtingbombz 72 months ago | reply

    Memetic told me about your stolen lens when I had dinner with him the other night. Sorry for your misfortune.

  6. normal but special 72 months ago | reply

    wow what a story...soemthing good, but then also bad times... BUT most importantly you were not hurt!

  7. (davide) 72 months ago | reply

    Iì'm sure it made your day :)
    I'm sorry for the next Noctilux chapter :(

  8. Toothwalker 72 months ago | reply

    I enjoy the story very much. Need to treat these equipments with kind heart

  9. Francesco Gallarotti 72 months ago | reply

    The saddest thing is that most likely that lens will never be held by a real artist as yourself anymore and will never produce images of the quality of yours. Sorry for the loss.

  10. abchbum [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

    what a great story, and beautiful people to have helped you that way.

    wish all the world was like that...

  11. quocbaoPHOTO™ 72 months ago | reply

    Welcome to Saigon! I'm a true Saigonese.

  12. euskadi 69 72 months ago | reply

    Une très belle maîtrise de la lumière. Le cadrage est parfait.

    Great master of the light with a perfect frame.

  13. fanjason 71 months ago | reply

    its always nice running into genuine people...
    great story!!

  14. 1..wwe2..2e [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

    hey. i went to that abc photo photo place today and asked for directions to the repair shop. i got my camera fixed today at this exact same place i think. this was on the second floor right? anyways, i suppose i should thank you for telling me about this place.

  15. Thien Gretchen 70 months ago | reply

    Very nice and makes me want to go back to my home country to visit even more. Sorry about the later camera loss. I'm enjoying all your photos.

  16. LucisPictor 63 months ago | reply

    What a nice story about friendliness.

  17. Shinando 55 months ago | reply

    Love the story behind the repair

  18. M.J.Ambriola 46 months ago | reply

    I feel for your loss

  19. Guillaume Pont 23 months ago | reply

    I don't think they must be a lot of Noctilux lenses in Vietnam...Is there any Leica shop there ? This should be reported to Leica at least and the day your Nocti goes on a repair at a Leica shop...dang you get it back. (I know I post this many months later...but I've already read few stories about people getting back their equipment like this !).

    Don't forget a Leica lens is a really special tool, especially a Noctilux, so soon or later it may appear again.

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