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Day 121 - The epidemic spreads

With Mrs PB's newly acquired (quasi) stealth abilities, our dynamic duo, were today able to renew their hunt for the ingredients to Mr Fox's famous rabbit pie - or they would have, had a confectionary invasion not blighted the land!


With a full scale chocolate bunny uprising afoot, they were determined to do their bit to quell the rising. It was carnage - they kept coming wave after wave. An ordinary polar bear might not have been able to cope - but not Mr Fox's. Without so much as a grumble she duly, and diligently, splatted bunnies from dawn till dusk, covering the surrounding territory with a thick layer of chocolate shrapnel.


With Mrs PB fully occupied with the grunt work, Mr Fox embarked on a mission to locate and eliminate their leader and end the ceaseless onslaught. They definitely had to stem the flow somehow - Mrs PB's rolling pin was beginning to clog up and she was in danger of needing a bath if the senseless waste went on much longer!


It didn't take long for Mr Fox to pounce, and en-tube the troublesome rodent! Their leader gone the remaining bunnies quickly retreated from whence they came.


Back at base, Mr Fox and Mrs PB knew that they must make an example of this chocolate beast. Their usual chivalry would have to be cast aside. This dastardly cretin and his army of happy idiots had driven the real bunnies away. The prospect of never eating rabbit stew again necessitated drastic action. So, with heavy hearts, they set to work on their grim task... lets just say their plan of fitting his dismembered head to a spike wasn't entirely feasible after a couple of CRONKS with the rolling pin!!


And so, that is how the delicate balance of the Land of the Bed's ecosystem was restored, and why Mr Fox n' Mrs PB have temporarily become chocolate merchants!



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Taken on February 19, 2008