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Unwrapping the Snub Cube

Demonstration of the current state of my panorama projection software. Unwrap right on screen, then render to an image that can be printed out, cut and folded into a physical shape! In this case the Snub Cube, with Mt. St. Helens on it.


The next step is, of course, defining sides that are curvy. Globe gores, for instance, or rinds. Might be quite a while before that though! As far as coding goes, someday I hope to understand how lighting works in opengl, and how to do texturing efficiently...


Another thing I'd like to do is make controls for panorama reprojection to automate things like this. This would be equivalent to an extension of Hugin's new gl previewer, which lets you change how the panorama is projected in real time, which in itself is a lot of fun to play with. Just need to record a camera orientation path, and render along the path!


notes on video production: try as I might, I simply could not get Kdenlive to render the words at the end without flickering, except in really crappy resolution!! Kdenlive has come a long way in the last few years, but there are still many quirks to iron out. Then flickr wouldn't take the video kdenlive made, but would when converted to a wmv, and only a wmv with mencoder, but not in the proper aspect, without first rerendering in kdenlive to different dimensions.... AAARG!!!

Oh, and the music is me playing around with the arpeggiator on my keyboard.

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Uploaded on August 19, 2009