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Optical Illusion 3D Artwork

Magic Eye 3D


Don't blink.

Look at a point in the center.

Just enough to prevent you from focusing.

Try to look 'through' the image without focusing.

Do not blink as you stare, let your vision blur.

The image will then become three dimensional and jump off your screen.

Persist and it will work for you!


If you can retain the illusion you can try to touch the designs that leaps from your screen...

its really cool! ; )


Fun Facts:


Unlike Dogs, Cats do see in Color, although not exactly the way Humans do.

In tests, Cats appeared to distinguish between the low to mid light wave spectrum (higher frequency), meaning Cats responded to the colors purple, blue, green and yellow range.


How 3D Works




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Taken on January 28, 2009