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*** FeiJi Cup (肥雞 Fat Chicken) Dog Racing - Final ***

*** 肥雞杯世界賽狗大賽, 總決賽 1 of 8 ***


Yes, this is a cruel world, full of competitions. The food is meager and the dogs are so many; the strength is everything! Only the top of the tops can have the whole big juicy FeiJi (肥雞 / Fat Chicken). Second place, get a leg. Third place, go and lick the bone. The rest? Nothing!


Now, after numerous battles, comes the final race. The world’s top five are standing on the starting line, staring at the juicy FeiJi, all set and ready to go. Breathlessly the whole world is waiting to see ...


Blue: Maverick Top Gun

Yellow: Jubilee Rebecca

Green: Dear John

Orange: Rapid Fire

Pink: Long Island Woody


Who will be the best of the bests, top of the tops? Press the Play button in the video below (i.e. next video photo) to start the final FeiJi Cup Dog Racing!


沒錯﹐這是個殘酷的世界﹐到處充滿了競爭的火花﹐在狗多雞少的現實裡﹐實力決定了一切。唯有頂尖中的頂尖﹐第一的佼佼者﹐才有資格飽餐那香嫩多汁的大肥雞。位居第二﹐只能分到一隻雞腿。第三﹐去舔骨頭吧。其餘的﹐什麼都沒有﹐Nothing! 到旁邊去﹐坐著乾瞪眼流口水!




藍: Maverick Top Gun (捍衛戰士)

黃: Jubilee Rebecca (喬伯麗 洛貝卡)

綠: Dear John (親愛約翰)

橘: Rapid Fire (快火)

粉: Long Island Woody (長島無敵)


到底香嫩多汁的大肥雞﹐鹿死誰手﹐雞入誰口? 請按下一張影片的播放鍵﹐啟動這最後一場精彩的肥雞杯賽狗大賽。


Designed and built by Tomi and Daddy | Spring 2011

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Taken on June 4, 2011