Njord sea kayak build log
This is the picture build log of two sea kayaks that I've built.

The design of the sea kayaks is from Björn Thomasson www.thomassondesign.com/ and the model of the kayak is called Njord. It's greenland inspired built for a bit more loading capacity.

Build time was: 543 hours divided on 125 days.

My goal was 300 hours but clearly I've failed to stay under that so at first I change it to 380 hours and then 500. However reality caught up and I didn't finish them at that goal.It always felt like they'd be finished anytime soon but all the small things took so long.

The hardest part so far during the build has been bad quality of the spars that I've cut. At first I used a cheep and not so good circular saw and that created lots of spars with varying width and lot of dents. Also my spar material had a really rough surface which meant that I had to plane each spar before stapling it on the profiles. That took a lot of time which could have been avoided if I'd planed the planks before cutting the spars.

Lessons learned? Lots! Here are a few:
- Don't cheat. Do everything properly from the start because it will take longer fixing it later.
- Make a looong list of things that needs to be done. Look through other peoples build logs to help write that list. Make sure to add and remove things from it as you build because you've always forgotten something.
- Concentrate on one thing at a time (I still can't do that).
- Set up a goal on each build day. What needs to be done today and use the list.
- Don't use cheap brushes when you paint or varnish. They will leave lots of strands and will not spread the paint as nicely. Also, blow them clean with compressed air to remove all the dust that is inside the brush for best result.
- If you're going to use the canoes don't bother to give them that perfect finish. You'll still have to patch and touch up the paint every now and then. These canoes got paint chipped of on the maiden voyage.
- When working on the two halves, make sure you'll have enough time to coat and join them quickly (within a few weeks) so they don't warp and wont fit together. When you force them to fit, which normally isn't a problem, the hatches might not sit properly anymore.

If you got any questions about your own build or just want to discuss building canoes send me an email.
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