• Passive ventilation system driven by wind and internal wind temperature & pressure.
  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels generate 20% of BedZED's electricity.
  • South facing conservatories provide passive warming for the homes, and a nice place to grow plants including food.
  • Sedum roofs absorb rain that is recyled to flush toilets, also stopping flooding.


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BedZED is the UK's largest eco-village. The aim was to help residents and office workers reduce their ecological and carbon footprints to a sustainable, "one planet" level. The plans cover reducing energy use, providing renewable energy, minimising the embodied energy of the buildings, reducing fossil fuel miles and also tackling food, waste, water usage and flooding.

Find out more at www.bioregional.com/bedzed

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  1. Big Green Challenge ages ago | reply

    Great set of photos. I talked about BedZED on the Big Green Challenge blog the other day and just added a link to your photos in the comments. I've also included a couple in our group on Facebook.

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    Thanks, glad to see the photos are getting out & about. We're all excited by the Big Green Challenge at BioRegional too!

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    thanks for your exellent picture! really nice and good information to understand bedzed! thanks!

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    Hi badalice, that's fine, just credit me as per the Creative Commons license I've used (see the "some rights reserved" bit under "additional information" in the right column).

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    I hope they've planted attractive, oxygenating and shade-cover trees!!
    Help eco- us! Teach all Community, SUSTAINABLE living + volunteerism.
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    awesome buildings!

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    This is great! How'd you take it all the way up there? x

  10. telex4 105 months ago | reply

    A cherry picker crane was on site doing some maintenance, they very kindly let me go up for a good angle!

  11. melcir.meri 102 months ago | reply

    Unique opportunity, well seized. Gives 'gets the cherry' a whole new meaning!!
    BRAVO!!! ... Amazing cherry-picking luck ... ! Join us and share more
    of your fab images, and fun tales -- Inspiring to others.

  12. Evan M. O'Neil 96 months ago | reply

    What are the rents like? Thanks for sharing with Creative Commons. I used this with "100% Renewable by 20XX" which mentions passive houses. www.policyinnovations.org/ideas/briefings/data/000197

  13. telex4 90 months ago | reply

    The housing is split into three types: normal market housing, where rents or purchase prices are a little above the local market rate due to the higher quality; what's called "key worker" housing, sold or let to people like nurses and teachers at lower cost; and social housing, let out at low rent levels set by a national formula to be affordable for people on low incomes.

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    You are free to use the photo so long as you give credit, as per the Creative Commons license conditions.

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    Any pointers as to what's happened since to these buildings?

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