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Space Mountain: Mission 2 | by Tom.Bricker
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Space Mountain: Mission 2

Disneyland Paris


Space Mountain: Mission 2


Back from the holiday weekend at Disneyland, and ready to get back in the swing of things on Flickr. For now, more photos from Disneyland Paris...


This weekend at Disneyland wasn't good at all for photos. In fact, I took fewer total photos in the 4+ days I was there than I regularly do in a single day. Part of this was by design, as I have a huge backlog of photos from trips in the last month to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Tokyo Disney Resort (boo hoo, right?). Part of it was not by design, but was a byproduct of being creatively burnt out after taking so many photos recently and just feeling unmotivated. For me this was disappointing, and solidifies my opinion that I wouldn't want to be a Disneyland or Walt Disney World local.


While I absolutely love the parks and I always greatly anticipate visiting, one thing that has given me pause about the idea of "moving to the magic" is that doing so would make me too casual about visiting and make the experience less special. My concern, basically, is that I would take the parks for granted. I (now) guess that applies both to the substance of the parks and photographing them. I dunno...on the one hand, it would be awesome to not "worry" about getting anything accomplished in the parks or taking photos (or even bringing a camera!), but on the other hand, I really enjoy those things. I currently don't worry about bringing a camera, I love bringing it. The idea that I would want to visit the parks without it makes me a bit uneasy because it's such an important aspect of the experience for me.


I love the sense of accomplishment in having a great day of photography from morning until night, and I don't want the way I view the parks to change any more than it already has. Maybe that's just sentimentality, and when I got used a new way of experiencing the parks, I'd begin to love it just as much as the vacationing style. I do know that our touring style has already changed in the last couple of years because we're going more regularly, and each of the trips we take to the US parks feels less special than the ones we used to take. We still have an absolute blast, and I'm still itching to get back even after only a few days of being at home, but things aren't the same.


Again, I know this is one of those "my wallet's too small for my fifties AND MY DIAMOND SHOES ARE TOO TIGHT" type problems, so I'm not looking for any sympathy, but I'm wondering how you all feel about this? Do you itch for a chance to move closer to the parks, or do you want to keep some space to make sure things stay special?


For hundreds more photos of Disneyland Paris (plus commentary, info, and analysis), check out our Disneyland Paris Trip Report. Total, it has 621 photos in it, so it's great way to learn about the parks in France or to plan for a trip there.


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Taken on November 18, 2012