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Announcing ISO 5571 - Disney Photography Podcast

Remember October 1st, 1982? The Dawning of A New Disney Era? It's a pretty historic date in Disney history.


But not as historic as today, when the World's #1 Podcast, ISO 5571 - Disney Photography Podcast, came into being.


Two episodes of this inspirational new show are now available on iTunes. We highly recommend that you subscribe to the show, as that way you’ll autoMAGICally (reminds me of PhilharMagic’s doors every time I see that) receive updates. You don’t want to miss a single episode of the runaway freight train of awesome that is ISO 5571 – Disney Photography Podcast!


Our goal after this week is to release one episode per week, but we decided to release two episodes at launch to give people a better idea of what this podcast is all about. Plus, since we’re still finding our “podcast-legs,” we figured releasing a second episode might give listeners an idea of the type of exponential quality improvements to expect from one episode to the next at the beginning of the podcast’s run.


If you take the time to listen to ISO 5571, we’d appreciate it if you’d head over to iTunes to leave us a wicked-awesome…or mediocre…or heck, even wholly negative…review. iTunes reviews are the currency of the podcast world, and at this point, WE’RE FLAT BROKE! So, if you want to see this podcast’s momentum increase towards our ultimate goal of dominating the podcast universe, help us out by leaving a review. Consider it your public service for the day, because it’s basically equivalent to saving a kitten from a burning building. You’ll be a national hero.


Anyway, enough jibber-jabber. Head over to the ISO 5571 website now to download the first episodes!

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Taken on December 9, 2011