Disneyland - Remember... Dreams Come True! Fireworks Spectacular (145 Second Exposure)

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    Last summer, I was pretty impressed with Disneyland’s Summer Nightastic fireworks show, “Magical.” I assumed that, much like at Walt Disney World, the Summer Nightastic show was better than the normal fireworks show, forgetting that Team Disney Anaheim actually goes above and beyond year-round. When I returned home, I told tales of this majestical show, and how it was one of the greatest fireworks shows I’ve seen. My tales were quickly met with scorn, as true Disneyland aficionados weaved a yarn about a great show called, “Remember… Dreams Come True.” Although I trusted the judgment of many of these folks, I assumed they were embellishing the greatness of “Remember…” at least a tad. After all, no show can be as good as they made it sound.

    Then, on the second night of our recent Disneyland trip, we had a life-changing experience (okay, perhaps now I’m the one embellishing). We saw “Remember…”

    Words cannot describe the excellence that is “Remember…” Originally premiering for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, the show begins with a moving narration by 50th Anniversary Ambassador and Disney Legend, Dame Julie Andrews. This sets the stage for something special. You can just feel it. However, your high expectations are quickly deflated, as from her introduction, the fireworks cut into a portion of Wishes! Oh well, you think, it turns out Magical was actually better. Just as your expectations have worn off, and you’ve resolved yourself to enjoy the show (after all, Wishes! is still a good show in its own right), boom, you’re hit with more Andrews narration and Tinkerbell’s flight around the Castle (yes, AROUND—view the photo large and you can faintly see it here). Then, it hits you.

    Walt Disney’s original opening day dedication speech for Disneyland. The audience, many of whom have probably seen this show dozens, if not hundreds, of times, experiences a collective wave of goose bumps and chills. The emotive experience is so strong that some tear up. Just as the audience is lulled into this state of relaxation and emotion, it's hit with a train. From the Disneyland Railroad. The Railroad spiel plays, followed by Main Street, USA music and the Baroque Hoedown from the Main Street Electrical Parade. This is followed by a short appearance from the tiki birds, who fly away after raising the ire of the tiki gods from too much celebratin’. Next, Sallah warns guests not to look into the eye of the idol at the start of the Indiana Jones section. The fireworks then enter the Haunted Mansion, and all of Main Street is brightly illuminated with enveloping bursts as the ‘room’ stretches.

    The fireworks continue on, with other stops in New Orleans Square, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Towntoon, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland before Andrews and Tinkerbell conclude the show. The audience stands, dumbfounded and in awe, if only for a few seconds, before hurrying about as the hustle and bustle of Main Street resumes.

    “Remember…” is a spectacular 17 minute show that, alone, is worth the price of admission to see.

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    1. Alan Rappa 36 months ago | reply

      this is an incredible shot! Silhouettes are perfect.

    2. DigitalSLG 36 months ago | reply

      Absolutely beautiful!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    3. Scott Smith (SRisonS) 36 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot. Love that silhouette.

      Seen on forums.wdwmagic.com (?)

    4. espressoDOM 36 months ago | reply

      beautiful color explosions

    5. evelyng23 35 months ago | reply

      brilliant !!

    6. Disneyprophotographer [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

      Yes, Remember is a great show. Better than anything at Walt Disney World, in my opinion. You did a great job here, Tom. Congrats!

    7. Betolandia 35 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot!
      Lucky me, I´ll be there in a few months!!!!! :D

    8. Laura_Christine 35 months ago | reply

      What a beautiful and amazing shot!!! Awesome job!!!

    9. dale hartrick 34 months ago | reply

      like the silhouette look of this photo

    10. fudgepuddle 26 months ago | reply

      never been to Disneyland (only WDW), but this really makes me want to go there!!!
      Stunning image, and so very poignant... a real winner

    11. BlueisCoool 25 months ago | reply

      Very nice capture - congrats!

    12. Lorena F. Pimentel 25 months ago | reply

      Julie Andrews narration must be pretty evocative. I bawled my eyes out at Disney World, being a Julie Andrews fan, I gather I'd be even more moved at Disneyland. As for the photograph, what can I say? It's an stunning image. The fireworks, the colors, the silhouette, everything is so poignant and gorgeous! I miss that beautiful place.

    13. thedlr 3 months ago | reply

      Wow. I never considered using my ND filter for fireworks. I also found your blog post on Digital Photography School. Great post.

    14. thedlr 3 months ago | reply

      Oh and this photo was taken on my birthday. Completely irrelevant and cool.

    15. thedlr 3 months ago | reply

      Hmm. I only have the 3.0 ND filter by B+W. But what the heck. I'll mess around with it.

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