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First Treatise of Future Dinosaur Civilization

No matter what your political or religious persuasions, I think there is a common belief in every human being on the earth that unites us all (besides America being awesome): that scientists and mystics should devote all of their attention to ensuring that dinosaurs once again roam the earth. While some have expressed doubts about whether this is possible, I have it on good authority that it is possible, and would be super awesome. Think about it: riding a pterodactyl through the drive-through of the nearest McDonald’s to get an Allosaurus burger, then heading over to nearest colosseum to watch two Triceratops battle it out. Maybe as a pre-show, Newman and that cute little spitter dinosaur could put on a show. Now tell me this wouldn’t be the most awesome thing ever. C’mon science, make it happen.


The awe and majesty of the dinosaur is what I envisioned when taking and processing this shot. I went with a slight angle to give the appearance of an impending attack (probably unlikely from this Brachiosaurus) and I shot this bracketed with the intent of doing HDR to eliminate the distracting moving leaves. However, once I got home, I thought the chaos that the blurred greenery adds to the shot makes it seem more dinosaur-like. Since Dino-Gertie itself is stuck in Yeti-B mode, I thought the blurred and slightly overexposed shot would give the impression of movement. I also liked the eye-grabbing light here. Overall, I really like the shot, but is there such a thing as a bad dinosaur photo?!

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Taken on December 6, 2010