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Due South on the Esplanade (HDR)

(Okay, I'm not too good with directions, but I think it's south).


I know nighttime shots of the California letters have been done before, but when I stumbled upon this giant compass, I thought to myself how I had never seen any photos of it (at least that I recalled). I thus busted out the UWA and let rip.


After seeing the blown highlights in the beautiful mosaic, I knew I had to take two more shots to capture all of its detail (even if most people won't view it large enough to notice). To produce the HDR, I stacked the images in Photoshop and masked where necessary (i.e. HDR by "hand").


California Adventure was easily my second favorite Western Disneyland Resort park. We were both pleasantly surprised, especially after all I've read about DCA. We both found it more enjoyable for us than AK, and very close to DHS. After all is done, I think it'll be better than DHS. I guess this goes to show the power of a park being located out West. If WDW had the kind of AP pull as DLR, I don't think there's a chance any of the WDW parks would be in their present conditions. Likewise, if DCA were located out East, I don't think it'd be getting an extreme makeover.


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Taken on August 19, 2010